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well we went to burnham on sea holiday caravan site oh my word it was so scary just could not get va breath thought i was going to be so much better but pollen every where and groundsman were cutting grass mostly every day and pollen was dropping every where what a waste of money but hey im bk home feeling much better take care guys wondered if any one else found this when they awazy from home

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Glad you are back home! It can be quite nerve racking going away and anxiety makes breathing so much harder! I've been sneezing with all the pollen that's about :) Take things easy, huff xxx


Hi, I have just got back from a caravan holiday at Great Yarmouth and had the same problems. Had a really wheezy week and gasping for breath,the pollen was really bad, was glad to get back home but now my chest is all bunged up. Always had problems with pollen as I have copd & asthma, worst culprits for me are pine &fur trees plus grass. Yarmouth & the Norfolk Broads was lovely but the grassy marshes &trees nearly done for me. Had a similar experience in Bournmouth at a park I strolled through a few years back, was struggling to get my breath, once out of the park I recovered, then had to walk back through the park to get back to the car , same thing happened again ! Have got rid of the grass in my garden & had a patio laid , just have pot plants now , can cope with them. We will have to rethink our holidays in future ha !


I find it at home ,I live by the sea,but because it's a good area,they think we want so much greenery around ,pollen every where to get to the sea!!


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