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My Sunday

Hi everyone, this is how my Sunday went. My Son, daughter in law and grandchildren 10 month old twins..Mayhem and Chaos came for lunch. I have just purchased two highchairs so they can sit with us at the dining table. It's so lovely to see the babies have not yet been influenced by technology e.g.. mobile phones, tablet pc's, or gaming consoles. They get their fun out of the simple things in life. Oh how they laughed when they scored a direct hit with a Yorkshire pudding between my eyes, quickly followed by a roast potato which landed in my lap. It was a two pronged attack and they synchronise their moves !!

Dessert was a fairly peaceful, I think the mashed up strawberries and cream will come out of my best top with a good wash.

The twins then had a great afternoon ignoring all the toys, and had a wonderful time playing in the empty cardboard boxes the highchairs came in.

I loved every minute of the day.

I was in bed by 9.30pm, I felt shattered...I wonder why !

Velvet x

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What a brilliant day you had Velvet! Such fun with the grandkids. They sound wonderful and very cheeky. I had my grandson (3 on Wednesday) for the day, then our son and daughter-in-law brought our lovely granddaughter round (9 months old) and then my sister turned up with her grandson who is 7 months old. Chaos for a while but brilliant too.

Kids make you smile don't they. Now just to get the stains out of that top eh! xxxx :)


Hi Sassy. You sound as if you had a great day like me. We are blessed with grandchildren, we are so lucky, and we have the advantage of giving them back at the end of the day !

Velvet x

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Well, Velvet - what fun. I used to enjoy bathing the g.children and emerge from the bathroom, dripping wet. Those days have long since gone but I have got far closer to my daughter after many years of not really being so friendly with her. I appreciate that. xx


That sounds a perfect day Velvet - take it easy today! xx


Hey Velvet

what a day you had 😊 . And the funs only beginning. Twins are twice the fun!

Glad you had a great day. I'm sure you will have many more fun stories to tell us in the future. Are they identical twins?

Rubyxx 😊


No they are not identical, one has a willy and the other doesn't ! Hee Hee. Joking apart I have a beautiful Granddaughter and a very handsome Grandson. I also have the same only older ones 7yrs and 10yrs

Velvet x


Phew! that was some day lol! bet you had a lovely sleep after all that fun :D Have a nice easy day today :) huff xxx


Hi velvet

Fun weekend for you then :-) My lot went camping at the weekend, so I was dog sitting for my son. He has a Jack Russell, no big deal you might say, but I also have 2 dogs of my own. They get on well but oh boy! bring back the kids!!!! I have a little jackahuahua an a big golden doodle so it was fun and games. Trouble is you can't put tele on and tell them to sit down and be quiet for a while, and to top it all off it was raining. Anyway I survived, so toady it's back to normal, and the sun is shining again. have a nice day.

GJ x


Behold the joy of the future! So wonderful! Mic


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