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Dose any one take seretide?

I take 250mcg two puffs twice daily. Because I am getting out of breath more i am wondering weather to see my G P and try the 500mcg If you take this what dosage do you take?

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Hi irenec I,m on 500mcg two puffs a day been on it for a few years now

it works for me.


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Hi, If I were you I'd ask to try adding the 125 to your 250 before doubling.

I suggest this because winter of 13/14 my gp doubled my 250 to 500 to avoid sob, wheezing, tightening airways leading to infections.

It worked pretty well but my skin integrity is ruined plus I got the most awful foot cramps.

Last week (I've had a virus making me s.o.b) the respiratory nurse told me to take 2 x 250 twice daily until better - mind you, earlier that very day I asked a gp if I should double the seretide & she said "no, just use the blue inhaler more often" !

been on seritide two puffs a day through a tube twice a day no problems at all

Hi yes I take seretide 500 twice a day one in morning and one at night have been for over four years and no problem at all what you are taking is the same as what are on

Hi Irenec, I take seretide 500 but still get breathless if I over exert. Personally I would stick with the lower dose if possible, but ask your GP. The higher the dose the more risk of side effects which might be worse than the breathlessness . But it is always worth a try and your GP may know of something better. Taske care and good luck with getting a resolution.

I have been taking Ceretide 500 morning and early evening for 12 months now. It works for me fine. I do get out of breath when exerting myself but it settles down with a short rest. The blue inhaler is there for when I feel I need it.

Only downside is cramps in my feet and legs at night although there could be another cause for that. Do take advice from your Doctor if you are worried, though. best regards, Polly4acre.

I take 2 puffs of 250mcg in the morning, but have cut it down from 2 puffs in the evening to 1 puff. My skin is so thin now and I have to be careful not to knock into things, I'm covered in old scars on my arms. Chris x

I also take Seritide 500 i find it very good, as like you i was getting very breatheless but taking seritide 500 i have been ok I was on sea breeze but i was getting chest in

fections and had to have the ambulance, do go and see your gp and get the higher dose. let me know how you get on. spanners 12

hi im on seretide 500, I started on 250 but didn't do much for me so doctor told me try taking double doze 2 puffs in morning and 2 puffs at night that did help so I was put on 500 and been on that 6 months now


HI, I also take Seretide 500, been on it for 2 years now . When I get episodes of breathlessness I use my blue ventolin inhaler, it can be used as much as you need. Just check with your doctor, higher strength of seretide might just do the trick.

I had a call back from my GP. She is not going to increase my seretide at the moment. She said to take the blue inhaler more often. (ventelin)

Point to note - Seretide 500 is NOT recommended at 2x 500 twice a day because you'd be getting a double dose of steroid (Fluticasone fumerate) as well as doubling the LABD (Salmeterol) - so Dr suggests get extra relief from Salbuterol (Ventolin) whilst maintaining the same dose of steroid.

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go to see your g.p as soon as possible

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