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I'm Right And You Are

I was sticking the fringing I bought the other day around the base of the light-shade for the standard lamp...Himself stood right beside me asking why I was using that glue and not Copydex and I said because Copydex stinks to high heaven so he said the glue I was using wouldn't stick...I said it would actually...and it has.

Reuben does that with my laptop when I'm trawling Ancestry for records...he'll stand just behind me peering over my shoulder and keeps telling me I've missed the great Uncle of the first cousin ten times removed out and I say no I haven't he's there...see? But that isn't the right name he says and I say it is...he's just left the 'e' out. And he asks me why did people change the spelling and so I tell him how names altered over the years and find my teeth are gritted. Then he says to 'just have a look for Joe Bloggs' and Joe Bloggs is in another tree entirely and I'll forget where I am if I leave the tree I'm on.

When one of the adult children came to stay I'd grown several rows of onions and had hung them up to dry...Why don't you sell the onions he asked and I thought he was potty...he'd been standing there counting the feckin' things and had worked out how much money I could make while I was thinking I'd made a serious error of judgement over his intelligence. I don't want to sell them I said...they're for us for the won't eat all those says me I answered.

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Funny😀. Hope you counted to ten and smiled 😄 I too would eat loads of onions summer and winter,love them fried,boiled roasted,raw.


Love it! My problem is that, because it's my other half who has the health issues, I now have to do the jobs that he used to do - and of course I don't do them right according to him lol. Cue one very stressed wife 😀😀 Jan xx


Oh what is it with other halfs , the conversation always starts with , I am not criticising or judging!!!!!!!!! The times I have said either do it yourself, or your not so perfect.

I just walk away now.


They should all know that you are right and they are not. Made me smile again Vashti. Keep it up. Lots of love, Carole xxx


A fierce glare usually works for me lol!


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