Oh dear

Oh dear

Do you think my GP will be looking for a reason to get rid of me.

First they get a terse message on my Discharge Letter from the Hospital informing them to control my PB better, then yesterday they rang me and told me my Dietician at Guys stressed it is important I have enough Amyes Milkshakes and Fortijuice for two a day until further notice.

They didn't seem pleased. Suzyxxx

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  • I doubt it Suzy. It would have been a sharp kick up the backside for them. You'll probably find they will start bending over backwards for you, for a while.

    I started with Alopecia when I was 19 years old. I was never sent to a specialist until I was at a tribunal in 2011, for my Esa, and the Docter said it was ridiculous that I hadn't seen an expert and that I should insist on being referred to one.

    When I repeated it to my shamefaced Dr, I was quickly seen by two different ones.

    Sometimes they just need reminding what they are being paid for. xx

  • Hmm, trouble is with a lot of Doctors, they forget they are supposed to be TREATING PATIENTS AND NOT THE ILLNESS !! ..

  • Hi Suzy. It's horrible to feel that way when you are so vulnerable. Have you been to the surgery yourself recently or know any of the doctors fairly well? Whatever is happening they are the professionals and they need to be put straight as to how they are making you feel. Frankly you need that like a hole in the head right now. Truly think you should let your son should have a quiet word with them. They are probably totally unaware that their insensitive attitude is upsetting you. I don't think that they are trying to get rid of you but that's how they are making you feel. A word or even a short note to them or the practice manager should quickly change that Suzy.

    love Sara xxxx

  • Oh Suzy, don't even think that for a minute. It is someone being totally insensitive to your situation and how you are feeling just now, and if they don't sound too pleased about what the hospital has told them, that is their problem, and they have no right in making you feel like that at all. I agree with Sara, that it might be a good idea for your hubby or son to let them know, how their attitude is making you feel. I cannot imagine your son or hubby being too pleased with them as it sounds like they have been remiss in their treatment of you, and are now making you feel a nuisance. There is no excuse for it, but I suspect a word in the ear of a sympathetic doctor will be enough for you to get an apology. Or, your son or hubby might want to put their views in an email to the doctor or practice manager, and that way they are obliged to respond in writing.

    You do not need this hassle, and I can imagine you being their least troublesome patient, although it sounds like someone needs a lesson in people skills and communicating with ill patients.

    If you do something about it Suzy, the very fact that you or someone on your behalf is taking action will make you feel better about the situation, and you can put it out of your mind until you get a well deserved apology.

    Take care, and remember what Fred would say, keep smiling! lol

    love and hugs,

    Huggs xxx :)

  • Sorry to hear you are feeling so bad because of docs attitude on the 'phone - maybe they're peed off hearing their shortfalls in the way they have/have not treated you.

    On the possitive it's excellent that the hospital and the dietician are on the ball.

    Hope your treatment improves Suzy.


  • I cannot see them saying they do not want you because they have been told that they are not giving you the duty of care you require. I am sure they would not like the authorities hearing what your specialists have said to them.

    I had similar when the A&E and Ambultary Care did loads of bloods tests to try and find causes for some of my problems I was/am going though. I got a hand written letter asking me to make an urgent appointment with the GP Surgery to discuss the results? when I got there they were more interested in why I had had so many as they seem to have a no tests policy.

  • It is not your fault Suzy that your Hospital doctors want to look after you as best they can. The GP just has to abide by what they are told really. Don't worry about it and hope you get what you need. I agree with Casper. You take care. xxxx

  • If you click this link:


    then type the name of your post code in the box ' services near you' click GPs, you will be taken to a list of GP services in your area. Find your practice, click on its name, when the information comes up you will see a tabs across the top. One is for you to leave a review. This gives several options to tick, with a box to post your review. Not only will the practice manager read this and hopefully address any issues you've brought up, but prospective new patients can read it too. You can also click the tab Reviews and ratings to read comments other people have left. I've done this, and was surprised to read some of the poor reviews my surgery got.

    Good Luck x

  • Me too. I clicked the link and put my own review on. Many thanks for that. x

  • Dear Suzy,

    I would suggest you make an appointment to see your Doctor, with your husband present. There will be a copy of the letter from Guys with your notes.

    If you point out that you have had difficulty getting a prescription for enough of what you need, that is the cue for the Doctor to explain his reasons.

    My guess is that you will be given a repeat prescription, there and then. If he won't it would be worth asking him to confirm it in writing.

    I would be inclined to record the conversation, just in case. But I really don't think it will be necessary.

    If you are still unhappy, a letter to your MP, will ensure the Surgery gets a well aimed kick up the rear.

    Love and best wishes, AS and George, who sends you a big kiss and snuggle xxx

  • Thank you all for your advice and replies, appreciated. I have just done a repeat prescription on line. Needless to say no mention of the build up drinks. I have added them at the bottom. If they aren't on my prescription I will let my Son sort for me. I'm a tad fed up with them and liable to lose my cool whereas he will keep his but be firm. Love Suzyxxx

  • There's an easy answer to this Suzy - change your Doctor! If you're not happy with the treatment you're receiving, you are entitled to go elsewhere. It's your right, so use it, and good luck. XX

  • Hi Suzy,first off I would contact the practise manager,either make an appointment or write to them.I have always found they are pro-active as the buck stops with them.If you don,t get satisfaction there next stop is your MP.Good luck and remember the NHS is NOT free we all pay for it through out our lives.Regards D.

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