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Should I buy an ioniser or air purifier?


My partner and I have been considering buying an air purifier or ioniser. We have found that our dehumidifier has an ioniser and although this may be all in my mind I thought I felt better when we used this during the winter. Does anyone else use something like this and if so what do you use and what do you consider to be the best type and how best to use it please. I should add that both of us have bronchiectasis and I have asthma and at present I am awaiting a lung biopsy as a small lesion has been found in my left lung but despite having scans has not been dignosed yet. I look forward to receiving your replies.



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Hi, if you type air purifier into the search box on the top right hand side of this page you will find answers from previous queries on the subject.

If you are in the UK you could ring or email the BLF helpline.

I have a small air purifier but I really don't know if it makes a difference or not.

Best wishes

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Thanks knitter. As you may have realised I am new to the forum and didn't realise there was a search on the site. I think sometimes we try so many things to see if anything makes a difference that our minds play tricks on us and we tend to believe they do and then months later no longer use the things and find they really made no difference at all. Thanks for answering my qauestion

S xxx


I have an air purifier and a dehumidifier (because I live in a rainforest zone). The dehumidifier does wonders (bucketloads of water). I'm not sure about the air purifier. I feel like the air is "lighter" after I run it, but I have no objective way of measuring. This is what I have:


Ah great. We have ordered a Homedics air purifier from Amazon. Should be here any time from tomorrow onwards. It is similar to look at to yours. We have got a small one as our lounge and bedroom are the same size as each other. I will try it first off in the evenings in the lounge and then take it upstairs when we go to bed. If it makes a difference - should notice a difference in hayfever symptoms at this time of year. Then we will buy a larger one for the main room too. Where do you live Mel? We do get a lot of water out of the dehumidifier in the autumn/winter as with all the windows closed and this being an old barn conversion with no other type of ventilation things either get cold (as I used to prefer to leave the windows open to clear the air) or covered in condensation - especially in the bathroom and kitchen diner when we are cooking. The dehumidifier has made a huge difference.

All the best

Have a great weekend.




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