For George

George you meant everything

In all the world to me

And I will always miss you

For all eternity

But when I look up to the sky

And see a twinkling star

I know that you are with me

Watching over from afar

Because you're ins special place

Another life away

A place of peace and endless love

Where we'll meet again some day xxx rest in peace my darling your first long year away from home.

22nd May 2014 xxxxxxx

Kath and your lovely family

9 Replies

I appreciate reading this beautiful poetry. Thank you XX


Thanks for sharing this time with us Kath. The poem is lovely. X

Thank you. Time passes so quickly. Can't believe it's a year today xx

Such a beautiful poem, I'm so sorry for the loss of your Husband George. I hope time eases your pain and happy memories fill your heart, love and hugs huff xxxx

Thank you so much xx

What wonderful words Kath. Sending lots of love to you and your family. xx

Thank you it means a lot xx

He's not gone Kath, he's part of you and will be forever. XX

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