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Hello everyone, well it's been 5 weeks tomorrow since I had my radical hysterectomy And I am feeling well, still taking things easy but getting there slowly, I have to keep reminding myself that I can't do certain things because I tend to forget how serious this operation was, but on the whole I feel good, I still have pain but I know it's parr for the course because everything is knitting together on the inside, I have a wonderful Gynae sister who I can ring and ask for advice if I am uncertain what is happening, but have only asked her advice once because I think the rest is common sense, and remembering not to overdo it, I am a lucky lady because I have two wonderful daughters who take it in turns to do the housework that I am not ready to do just yet, two wonderful neighbours who have helped me get my little garden ready for summer, so all in all life is good at the moment. And so to anyone out there who may have to make a decision about a medical procedure, put your trust in your medical team and your family and friends. Thank you all once again for all your lovely wishes from my last post, it means a lot to know that people care x

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So pleased to hear your recovery is going well meike. Will you be having HRT? I had a total Hysterectomy when I was 36 so had HRT until the age of 45.

The main thing is not to lift anything remotely heavy until you have completely healed.

It is amazing how clever our bodies are at repairing themselves.


Hi Azure-Sky,

No HRT for me I am 68 years old so I presume that I will not need it , my consultant did not mention that I would need any medication when I was recovered, but I will discuss it with him when I go and see him on the 4th June, I hope that I will not need anything ,I have enough drugs to take to control my COPD. I will let you know


That's nice to hear meike. My neice had it done a couple of years ago after suffering years of excrutiating pain. They made her wait because she was only 32 and although she didn't want any more kids, they just didn't want to do it. She just wanted the pain stopped. She's fine now and much happier.

Your a very lucky lady having your girls and gardeners too!!! You must be so loved.

Take things nice and easy meike. xx


Hi casper99

Yes I am so grateful to my family and my friends, and I know how lucky I am to have people that care, I do volunteer work at my local hospital, and meet people who have no one to care for them. I always try to spend a little more time with these people a little touch on the hand or a little hug can make there day and mine too. I am lucky I have a family, some people do not💐


Glad all going well. I went to GP 2 weeks after my hysterectomy moaning I still didn't feel very well. When she had finished laughing she pointed out I had just had major surgery- in fact I had to have emergency 2nd op - so no wonder I still not great!!

I am not taking HRT. GP suggested large dose evening primrose oil and it actually works really well for me. Stopping horrendous night sweats I was having. So much better than alternative.


Thank you for your post meike and may you continue to get well slowly but surely. Your post was very timely as I have to put faith in a medical team who will be operating on Pete's back to fit the spinal cord stimulator on Wednesday. It is an anxious time but you are right, we just have to have faith in the doctors and good family and friends.

You take care and wishing you well. xxxxxxx


So pleased it all went well, take care and take it easy.


Oh great - so pleased that you are recovering well. It makes such a difference when you have great support. Lots of love for a continued recovery, lots of love TAD xx


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