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have you had Lung Volume Reduction Surgery?

hello, I am looking for people to talk to about their lung volume reduction surgery..Im 66 and been told I am a good candidate for bilateral LVRS, via keyhole surgery etc., I have read about the operation, but I cant find anyone who has had the operation, recovered, and is now living their day to day lives, I would be so grateful to hear from anyone 'out there' if you could spare the time to write either a 'post' or message family are urging me naturally to go for the operation, but I am very scared. God Bless, Ceels.

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Type LVRS into Search box on green bar they seems lots of discussion.


yes there is lots of discussion Stone, but the discussions are for the valve treatment...the surgery I am being offered is not the same, but I appreciate you taking the time to reply.




Hi, Ceels

I am up for the last two tests next Tuesday, then diagnosis early next month. Hopefully, I will be accepted for the LVRS. If you type LVRS into a search engine (google?) you can actually see schematics and videos of operations already conducted in Germany, Hong Kong, etc. There are also interviews with post-op patients, who all claim that there walking distances have improved dramatically.

Basically, after inserting a light and camera, via a tube down your throat into your lungs, the surgeon can see the parts that aren't working. Down the same sort of tube the sprung mechanism is inserted (blunt end first) and it is placed in the entrance leading to a non-working area of your lung. Then, the light, camera and tube are withdrawn allowing the spring to expand and seal off the entrance of the non-working area, so that it is not allowed to store untreated air, or give you hyper-inflation.

I think of the coils (and describe them to friends) as either a safety pin with the sharp end and the clip-in end cut off, or the filament of a cartoon light bulb. I have read that 8 to 10 of these can be inserted into one lung, then monitored for a year. If it's good, then the other lung can be treated.

I assume that the one-year wait is to either allow your operated lung to adapt to the new regime, or if there is some kind of adverse reaction, you would still have the other untreated lung to keep you going whilst you're being repaired!

Anyway, I think you know the alternatives. So something as positive as LVRS should only be anticipate positively. Just think of the freedom you will get back.

Kind regards,



Hello Dec, thanks for taking time to write, and fingers crossed for your successful operation..the operation I am being offered is keyhole surgery ..they make three incisions into the chest and cut and remove about 30% of the infected lung..I would like the option of coils or valve treatment as its not so invasive..still can't find anyone who has had "this" operation ..good luck and God bless Dec



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