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French translation

I'm hoping (intending?) to spend time in France this summer. I'm quite happy with the French health service from previous experience and don't feel any great need for taking out health insurance. After all the French look quite healthy without air ambulances. My French is quite good and I've been able to communicate with French medics in the past. (COPD is, I think, broncho-pneumopathie chronique obstructive; BPCO).

I would like to carry a medical history with me translated into French. My GP has given me a pretty comprehensive one in English and I would like to get it translated.

Can anyone recommend a translation service?


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Hi John, I did exactly the same when we travelled to France but asked my daughters French teacher to help. Hope you have a great trip, TAD xx



I live in France and have

' bpco ' so

Heres a few key terms

Fev is Vems volume expiré maximum per sec.

Le tiffenau is that fev divided by volume formula.

L exploration fonctionelle respiratoire is the lung function spirometrie test (EFR)

Scanner thoracique : chest scan.

Dyspnée : sob

Pneumologie : lung unit

Radio : an Xray.

By all means ask me if you ve

a question.

There s a french eng medical dictionary online too .

Have good trip.



Hi Weymouthjohn why don't you google translation I get Spanish letters and that is what I do love Bliss xx


At work we use a Company called Absolute Translations (we tried quite a few before we found this one, who are very good, quick and professional, and cheaper than most, so a good deal all round).


Hi john, we are travelling to France on holiday in our motorhome in July, I always take out insurance suffering with emphesema I thought it best, however do you just just you e11 card?


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