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Diet, Nutribullet and the immune system

Since my infection and hospitalisation in January which scared the s*** out of me, I've made a lot of changes and introduced new things into my diet. Apart from stopping alcohol altogether which I've done, there are three things I think have made a big impact: Echinacea and Elderberry tincture (Neal's Yard, can order by phone, not cheap), Manuka Honey (most wholefood shops, also not cheap but just a teaspoon a day is enough) and my Nutribullet blender/juicer.

With the Nutribullet which pulverises everything you are guaranteed getting all you need in one drinkable meal which is also delicious (and no, I don't work for them and I'm not getting commission :) )

It's also not that cheap (£80 - 100) but has a really powerful motor which means no bits. It's also fun to experiment with a whole range of possible ingredients and if you do a bit of googling before you buy stuff you know that it is doing your immune system a whole lot of good. If you have appetite problems as many of us do, believe me you'll like this.

My breakfast nutriblast this morning: honey,melon, kiwi, blueberries, kale (I hate kale but it's fine in here),cashews, coconut oil, fresh ginger, fresh lime juice, flax seed, handful of oats and non dairy milk (koko). Blast 20 seconds...

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Other possible ingredients: goji berries, pumpkin seeds, carrots, Chia seeds, sunflower seeds, all types of nuts, yoghurt (not for me because I'm avoiding dairy due to phlegm), turmeric fresh or powder, quinoa, protein powder..the list is long.

I was very tempted to buy one of those till i saw a program that talked about how the sugar in the fruits changes due to blending it so would be interested to know how you get along with it

Hi Mandy, had to google that. Seems like if there's a weight problem it's good to be careful. Teeth also but that's less of a problem compared to the lung difficulties we have. I suppose just cut down on the fruit component. Still lots of other good things you can put in it.

yeah im certain there is and would love to know how you get along with it

Well, I've been using it every day for 5 weeks and it's a thumbs up from me, which is why I decided to share it here.


Sounds promising.....what positive things have you noticed ?

Well, some of the improvements are noticeable in the loo so I won't be going into details! I notice my energy levels are better also. Finally, there's a certain confidence you get from knowing you're eating (drinking) the right things, doing all that you can and giving your body a chance, and the stuff I'm now getting via the nutribullet plays a big part in that.

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oh hahahaha yeah that would be too much information.

Sounds delicious. I'm on a low fat diet at the moment due to high cholesterol. I'm looking for some good recipes. :-)

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I have one notlocal - i would advise anyone starting off with one to go slowly if you are not used to raw food. I had two days violent diarrhoea, then it was ok, partly because i stopped using it. But my friend has one and had the same experience with the runs. She carried on and adjusted fine.

I'm gearing up to starting slowly again. You can also make things like hummus with it, so its very versatile. And being underweight i'd welcome anything that makes the fruit sugar put on weight :)

Hi O2

How you feeling today? ☺xxx

Just had low level virus Ruby but it doesn't seem to have "gone down" though i hate to tempt fate.

How about you? You getting your mojo back yet? :) :) xxx

I'm pretty good. Still somewhat tired. Could be my severe vit. D defiency. Trying to take at least 1,000

IUS a day. Need to get up to 4,000!. Neighbor been sick all winter with chest colds. (She doesn't have copd) Come to find out she's vit. D Defienct and vit. E. Vit. Ds make me sleepy! Ever hear of that?

Take care. 😊 😊 xxx

Thanks notlocal :)

Piece of useless information, i discovered that quinoa is a fruit, not grain just recently. Gobsmacked :D


Good for you Notlocal! I was going to do what your doing months ago. That plus beet juice. Here I am still procrastinating! Same thing with exercise. If only intentions got the job done! How you feeling since doing it?

Would be most interested in how you make out. I was just reading how good for you watercress is.

Rubyxx 😊

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Feeling great, no infections so far, touch wood!

Hi Notlocal,

I am interested in the point you made about giving up alcohol......why?

I was putting away a bottle of rum a week, maybe a touch more. I have 23% LF. When I got a really bad chest infection in early January it was horrendous. I thought I was going to die two or three times. Two weeks in hospital, leaving me weak as a kitten and much worse sob. I decided that my immune system was the most important thing in my life and that alcohol didn't play any part in my recovery. So it went and it was easy!

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Oh I see...........A personal decision.. So far I have been lucky and have not been hopitalised. But I do enjoy my wine in the evening, so I wondered. Good luck in your new regimen!

A glass or three of wine in the evening's fine. At some stage though in this illness we have, there will come a time I think when you have to prioritise. Mine came in January!

Oh, and i haven't entirely stopped. Just don't buy it or keep any at home!

Well I better have an extra glass while I can (joking)

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Hi Notlocal, the nutribullet sounds like a good way to ensure to get maximum nutrition from whole fresh foods. One thing I am not clear about, is it a juicer ? That is, does it leave a pulp behind that is not drunk or is the entire food turned into a type of puree that can then be diluted if needed before eating/drinking? Cheersxxx

I have a nutribullet and wouldn't be without it. To answer your question, Jenns, it pulverises the whole fruit, veg or whatever you put in so you get all the goodness including the fibre, so better than a juicer. Plus, it's so easy to clean which is a real bonus. Had a juicer previously but a real pain to clean.

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Thank you Nanny I will definitely be getting one sounds like a really great way to make sure to "eat" fresh whole foods. I am looking forward to trying some blends xxx

It comes with a 'recipe' book which is pretty damn good too.

No Jenss, it leaves nothing behind, you get the lot and it's easy to clean too. I drink my breakfast!

in that case I will get one- thanks.

I've bought one of these NutriBullet,made a couple of drinks put them in the fridge and overnight they went funny so I thre them away, But I must use it, your recipe I'm gonna copy as I like all those things ,I need to get all the nutrition this gives, I will persevere with it as it is a wonderful thing. Thanx for mentioning it.x

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Top up with coconut water, replacing dairy I use almond ,coconut non dairy milk.its lovely, non dairy yogurts.plamil.

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Colours23, it's recommended that you drink your nutribullet drink within 20 minutes of making. That way you get the maximum goodness too. Sometimes I put ingredients in the night before and place in fridge. Then just blast it in the morning.


This sounds very interesting, do you have to top and tail all your fruit, before putting in, and can you just make small amounts,

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Heya! you can make any amount you like. topping and tailing depends on the fruit/veg. Love this machine, doing me good.

I'm so pleased it is making you feel better, I go along with all things natural, Elderflowers, Echinacea, Manuka honey, colourful fresh foods, good for you NL!💜🍒🍏🍉🍇🍌 xxx

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Nice graphics there hp! Try the nutribullet, highly recommended...can put all those things in one place.

I too have a nutri-bullet. Great way to get all your nutrients. Kale and fruit I put in mine. Can't stand kale when steamed but it is well disguised in the mix other things so drinkable. I did make a mistake once and added garlic. Not a good result. I have heard that there is a lot of sugar in fruit so I may try skipping the fruit and adding nuts, coconut oil and ginger. I did try the manuka honey but I didn't think much of it as I still manage to get a chest infection. I haven't cut out alcohol, I have a few glasses a week. Is alcohol dangerous if you have COPD/

Hi 2Mal, sorry took a long time to get back to you. Haha! garlic...Hope I never make that mistake! You're right about the kale though. I'm starting to use other greens too. Alcohol? I think I was drinking a bit much and that didn't help my immune system and my infection changed that and I think about my ISyst a lot now. It was all quite shocking my first hospital stay because it was serious and I'll do what I can to avoid repeats. I needed to change.

I still have a pint sometimes if I'm out (watching football) but I don't buy or keep it in the house. If you're happy with how much you drink that's all that matters.

Hi Notlocal

Thanks for your reply. I also use spinach and broccoli. I drink maybe a bottle & half of wine a week. I'll give it up for a couple of weeks to say if I notice any improvements in my breathing.

I spent 21 days in the hospital end of '13 and then a month later with another chest infection. I was in the high dependency ward 2nd time. Scary, as before then I had only ever been in hospital way back in '78 with minor nasal surgery. When I was discharged the 2nd time , I was told that I was a co2 retainer and consequently was prescribed oxygen 1/2 litre min 15 hours daily. That was very depressing. Then again I have had COPD for about 12 years and still manage to work 3 days a week. Hopefully a new diet may improve things. I even bought a book on the Buteyko method but not sure if it made any difference

Once again, thanks for replying.

Keep well.


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