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I arranged a treat for my immediate family to thank them for their help and support over the years with the trials and tribulations we have been though so we went to a local chain of american style restaurants on Sunday.

Was met with a smile at the door. But that was were it seemed to end, once we were given a table. Service was a little slower than I would of expected as they were not half full? The order was taken and delivered to our table with a few rounds of drinks without one single smile or impression to please. As for the food I do not have a single complaint. All Five of us enjoyed our meals.

Once we had finished I was given my bill once more without a smile. I paid with cash ( been saving for months) and was giving in my opinion a more than fair tip. However the money was taken without me even given the chance of saying "Keep the change!" The server went straight to the till and that was the last we saw of her? Is it a policy of The Restaurant to take what is given as payment? I did not even get a thank you!

Sorry to say if I go out for a meal I do expect a pleasant experience and this was not delivered by The Restaurant. I have been to shabby looking greasy spoons and been met with more smiles and service than I got here!

Sorry for the moan but I still think gratitude costs nothing. If people do not like working in the leisure industry. I am sure there are jobs with similar money that do not involve smiling.

Be Well

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Totally agree, a smile is free, xx sonia xx

What a lovely thought Offcut. It's a shame that the staff marred a day that was otherwise so pleasant by being offhand and uncaring. I've have had this in restaurants too and refuse to tip if I get that attitude. If you drop a line to the restaurants marketing department at HO UK itemising the failures I think I can guarantee that they will you will get an apology and at least a couple of free meals. That's how it worked when I was in marketing and PR and I believe still does.

I do not feel I want to go back even if they offered a free meal. I thought it would be good for the adult children we have? If the food matched their service I would of kicked off big time.

Know how you feel but the company will think it's doing a great job if people don't complain. (and bad restaurant managers get away with giving us a rubbish service)

I have complained but now realised I was not given my bill back which has a number on it for such things?

Bad luck Offcut!

Great thing to do for your lovely family.We have has a similar expirience to. Hubby complained to the manager.There is a site online our grandaughter told us about where you can rate a resturant or hotel,apparently it has been very successfull in getting better service for peoplr.I will ask her the name offcut mags x

I have sent my feelings to them directly and put it on their facebook page too! My youngest son was driving and works nights and was tired so we left straight away.

What a shame Offcut and a smile does cost nothing, though in your case the staff member took something without it being offered and still couldn't raise a smile! Pete and I went to a Pizza chain yesterday and were treated well with lots of smiles and chat, good food and we left a tip for which we were thanked. Apparently, 3 staff members had phoned in sick so the others had to work on to cover and seemed happy to do that. Oh well, at least you got to go out with the family and did enjoy the food. Very kind of you to treat everyone.

You take care xxxx

It does not seem a lot to ask?

Hi Offcut that's such a shame and disappointment too. Maybe you can all have another get together perhaps a barbecue and get everyone to bring something, just a thought! Xx

Got to buy a BBQ our last one rusted away :(

I would have been unhappy with that kind of treatment too Offcut, they forget who's paying their wages.

Seems to be the way the world is going :(

I would certainly write and say that although the food was good the service was dire,and That you never even received a thank you for the tip,which you had not yet said they could keep,once you handed over the money you never saw the person again,so they just kept your change,and assumed it was a tip, not good. Just noticed you have notified them.

:) i think the assumption of the payment was with tip even though nothing was said. That got to me the most.

Perhaps a smile would have been an 'extra' like another cup of

That is bad Offcut but at least the food was good. I am surprised though as Americans seem to put a lot of store in smiles and being friendly and polite when serving you. I am sure your family appreciated it though still, xx

They were more than happy with the treat but even they commented on the lack of enthusiasm

I totally agree, the service can make or break a meal out. I would send an email of complaint. They will never improve if you don't say something! What a lovely idea to take out the family, how kind xxx

They have asked for my contact details so I am not expecting much.

My family have had a lot to put up with me over the last 7 years so I thought I could show them something else that we can all enjoy together.

I'm sure your family appreciated your effort,& thank goodness the meal was good,it could have been the other way round,I know which I'd prefer!

It is sad though,when they obviously don't enjoy there job,& don't mind showing it! Glad you reported it,otherwise how else does the owner get to know what's going on! xxx

I did not ask her to do anything that her job would of required?

You should have said something at the time offcut. Asked for your change, they're in no way allowed to assume that it was a tip! It doesn't matter if you don't have your bill, point out the member of staff and make a complaint anyway. There are a lot of people who would do anything to get a job and be happy to do it correctly. XX

If I had been only with my wife I may well of done but I was not going to upset the night.

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