Tablet change to Ambulatory Care part 2

Had my second Ambulatory Care appointment this morning. Was meet with a smile and treated like a human being. Took all the Obs and nice to see the heart nearly playing correctly moving heartbeat of 80 to 99 BPM (good old AF) blood pressure not as bad but still high. Only problem I have now I can hardly walk with pain in my left ankle and both feet, knees and hips!

Nurse told the doctor I was here and he asked for an ECG first. Ushered into another room and told to take my top off and stickers were attached when another person comes in and asks if the nurse wanted her to do it? The nurse concurred and a little readjustment of the pads and I was told to relax. A quick tear and then she asks me to take a deep breath hold and exhale. Once the paper started to print out the technician asked when did I have my heart attack? I told her "2004" "No the more recent one?" I said "I haven't as far as I know but I did have a nasty pain in the chest 5 weeks ago that woke me up" "Well I am sending these to cardiology anyway so we will see what they say as well?" Now that has put me in a great frame of mind as I thought the chest ache was my breathing?

Taken into see the Doctor, who seems to have mellowed from my previous visits. He asked me how I was feeling and I explained about my pain in the legs and that I have not seen any improvement in my breathing. He explained that the new tablets will control the heart rate and allow the Seretide to work better. However because of the multi conditions I have it will not help my breathing as my heart and damaged lungs are struggling to work together! He then asks me to remove my jeans and poked about with the joints and made me very aware how painful my ankle was! :( "Do you get gout?" I told him that I get it in my right toe knuckle? Take your top off and a listen around the chest and back. Nice and clear :)

Doctor tells me it would appear I have chronic gout in my legs and feet joints but I will need some blood tests to see. Have you been tested for Rheumatoid arthritis or has any of the family had it or similar? I told him that both parents died from leukemia and my sister has Lupus. "Both Parents that is unusual!" he then filled in the blood request and it looks like they are looking at a lot things my GP has refused to do. He told us to have the bloods ASAP and book another appointment. Once more at reception met with a smile and she said that they will call me with a date. I told them I am going to the blood clinic now. The nurse that was dealing with me said do not do that I will do them here now. She did a great job of the blood letting into 4 bottles and away we went. Once more the NHS has shown it cares!

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  • Hi offcut, still a lot going then, hopefully they can get to the bottom of things and treat u accordingly, nice to hear uve had a good nhs experience with a smile, it goes a long way and it's free. Take care xx sonia xx

  • Thank you. I try not to knock the NHS as it is a great institution but I do not like bad manners from anyone. This whole experience has been bought about by my GP surgery not looking past one condition and not thinking outside the box. I know they are not masters of all, but I now have the lung and heart consultants telling them what I have been telling them how I feel for years.

    Be Well

  • I know what u mean several doctors ive seen have been dismissive of symptoms I'm telling them, but then when things progress they look at me and say "and how long has this been going on " Erm since the 1st time I told u, so annoying and like u I hate rude people, especially those that don't listen, and those who think a title and money makes them better then u, which is why i said a smile is free but goes a long way. Really hope they sort things out quickly for you, being in constant pain is no joke. Take care of urself till then xx sonia xx

  • thanks xx

  • Hi offcuts sounds like good bit of joined up thinking going on there with doctors.

    Glad the geting you into shape lol

    Was reading about joints and pain asbestos stuff to be honest cant temmber where read it

    But was like ra ... a thought when reading it how full of it these docs are GUESS the dont tell us half of it to protect us from true horror

    Or the are just full of it .. O yer anway glad the sorting you out and when i find link al post it for ya

    Anyway always nice seeing ya about fella ;)

  • Thanks M8. I read up a bit more on RA and I have so many things that are linked but the hospital doc did say that if it shows up RA clear then it is osteoarthritis but the gout needs to be confirmed also?

  • Wow, offcut, chronic gout!!! No wonder you've been in so much pain. My brother only has it in one toe and ankle and he said it's the most painful thing he's ever felt. He sat in the bath one night runnig the cold tap on it one night.The meds they have given him for it keep it under control now.

    It's good to hear they are doing something to try get to the bottom of your problems at last. There's nothing more disheartening, than feeling your being fobbed off. So, fingers crossed, that you might be finally going to get some relief from your suffering. x

  • The funny thing is I always got in my right toe knuckle or Right ankle so for it to start in the left ankle was a surprise to be told it may be the gout in all of my joints from my hips down at the moment. I take Arcoxia for 3 days and then have to stop for 2 weeks at the moment as the can affect some of my meds I take. I have also put my foot in the bath with cold water running to ease the pain and slept with the foot out of the sheets :) As the hospital doc said at least it will be good to rule them out!

    Be Well

  • Sounds like you had a thorough MOT Offcut. Let's hope they can do something about all these health problems you have. xx

  • I cannot say they have not been thorough. I am aware that some of the issues are because of the main problems I have. However until now I have never been tested to rule any other possible causes out. My GP Practice seem to have a no test policy?

    Even after my cardiologist wrote to my GP stating he was not happy with my lung condition and would like it looked into. They would do anything! Then I found I had worked with Asbestos for over 10 years they were forced to do a spirometry test! 2 years after the letter.

    Be Well

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