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Hi all, I have spoken to the person who put the post about research on the forum, this was a genuine post and not a scam. The person was very apologetic and did not want to cause any trouble and removed the post as soon as they seen some of the comments. I have suggested in future if they are looking for people to recruit into research projects then to come to us first and we will put some information on the forum. If anyone was interested in the original post please contact me or Mark on 03000 030 555,

Thank you all for taking the time to read this post, can we all just move on from this and continue to offer the valued advice and support this forum is for.

kind regards


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Thank you, common sense rules the day.

I thought it was genuine and passed the details on to a friend with chest problems.

Thanks Carol that sounds like a positive move x

Hi Thank you for your input, Would there be any chance of perhaps asking people who wish to post this type of thing to go through the admins first,maybe putting this info on a banner on the page, or perhaps a separate page where if you want to look at this type of thing you can, I leave this in your very capable hands and thank you for all the work you do to keep this site running.


I totally agree. x

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Thanks Carol :)

Thanks Carol.

I think its great that there is research going on to help us , I don't use oxygen 'yet' so it didn't apply to me. I just hope it can help and benefit others.

Regards Sohara

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Hi Carol,

Thanks so very much for your post, and hope now that peace will reign once more on this lovely forum. Can I suggest that you possibly put something on your home page about possible researchers, and people requiring personal details of the members always contact BLF in the first instance, so they can be checked out by yourselves before they join as members. This would avoid this weeks debacle, and the inexcusable accusations levelled at valued members.

Thanks again for your intervention as without it, I fear this would have gone on and on.

hugs from Huggs :) xx


Have always liked a riot but defo agree not on your door step ... Stuff like that should be kept to Facebook in my opinion :> end off


Thank you

Thank you Carol. It is good if research is vetted by the administrators although I don't know if this is always possible.

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Thanks for the info Carol. x

Thank you for that Carol. I was one of the ones who told him he should go through yourselves first instead of posting it directly on the site. I understood that this is the normal procedure. Alls well that ends well or something like that. x

Hi Carol, thanks for your post. Just letting you know that I have put a post explaining why I think it is too simplistic to ask our valued members to move on after this update you have provided as the real issue has not at all been addressed. Cheers,

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Thank goodness for some common sense at last!!!

The original post, only included a mobile phone number. I suggested that the person should post a hyper link to the research organisation and show their link to them. Anyone can buy a mobile phone and set up a scam, which is what made me stand back. I would still not be happy with BLF now just putting an 03000 number up and vouching for them. Why can't they post the name of the organisation and a link to the research department? 03000 are not regional, so I could waste the cost of phone call to find that I am not suitable due to where I live, my condition, or the stage that I am on. If we are going to use the internet, use it and let us follow it through without wasting money. ( Incidentally, Safer Derbyshire, the county councils web site for home safety and security, would also condemn not just the initial post, but this one from Carol, BLF Helpline, because of the lack of information)

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