Hi everyone, Sokrackers is currently awaiting a non-lung related operation which will take place on the 18th. She has had a crazy time which sounded more like a carry on movie, including a junior doctor passing out on her bed with a hypo, kiddyounot!

There has been a lot of poor communication between the various medics involved, uncertain diagnoses etc, which has been taxing and depressing for SK. She just wants it over with now and thanks everyone for their concern.

If i hear more I'll let you all know. This forum knocks me out, you are all such caring people :)

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  • Yeah I have spoken to her as well. There have been a catalogue of disasters so hopefully they can sort her out on the 18th. Thank you for putting this on O2. x

  • Thank you 02 for the update,wishing SK a speedy recovery,happy easter to all keep well God bless naresh62

  • Thank you O2 😀 Please pass on my best wishes and Happy Easter to you all, huff xxx 🐇🐇🐇🐣🐤 xxx

  • Oh thanks for the update 02 wish her well from me too

    How are you now? still improving I hope

  • I haven't forgotten to reply to your lovely long pm Sohara. Very interesting and want to discuss more. I'll try to get on that tomorrow as i really appreciated it. Hope you are ok? Seems like such a hard end of winter just when you'd expect things to be improving for everyone.

  • I am not around for next few days , so no worries

    Glad things are looking up for you

    Look after yourself *Big Hug*

  • And big hug to you S xxx

  • Best of luck and thanks for the update.

  • Yeah, poor girl, she's at sixes and sevens. Hope everything goes well for her on the 18th. Scandalous that she has been messed around so much.

    How are you doing 02. Hope you are taking things slowly and getting your strength back.

    Sara xx

  • Im not doing too bad Sara - tapering pred, getting stronger, though legs round the knee area are like jelly, sleeping a bit more and getting up around 6.30 (instead of either being up all night, or starting the day at 3.30 :( ). Eating for England, or wherever :) So mostly very good.

    BUT i don't know why but my voice has entirely gone, not even those attractive squawks that happen with laryngitis. Three days now and its scaring me it may never return. There are some who might be relieved :D

    No, that's just an over melodramatic reaction, it must go. I'll be at the doc first thing tuesday morning.

    Yours in silence, xx jean

  • OOPS!

    Well you can be very 'vocal' on line and on paper if you like Jean! Is Rita rejoicing or commiserating??

    Very glad you are adhering to doc's orders. Anyway not good after 3 days of being mute. Maybe you should 111 for advice. Tuesday is a LONG way off. Just saying. Take care honey.

    Sara xxx

  • I think Rita is doing both, depending on what MY mood is ;)

    Not sure about 111 - what could they say? I trust my GP so think i'll wait. Nothing is happening so my logic (or not?!) is to do nothing in the meantime :D

  • Thanks for the update O2, i hope you are feeling better & that sk is soon restored to health. Love margaret x

  • Thank you for the update O2, I wish her all the best for the 18th. Hope you're keeping well yourself too. Have a nice Easter :-) xxx

  • Please tell her I send my very best wishes for the 18th.

    Jan x

  • Thank you 02trees, I got a private message from Sockrackers typed a reply then it did not seem to send, so not sure she got it.These things should not happen but sadly they do. At last things will be happening for her soon. Give her my best wishes for a speedy recovery fingers crossed for no cancellation. I will try another private message over the weekend . :) x

  • Great that there's so much support for Sokrackers (would of course expect nothing less :) ). Sometimes private messages feel safer than out on the forum, I've found that myself. I'll pass on all the messages anyway and post further if appropriate. Come on SK if you're seeing this - we're all with you and holding you up to get you through to the 18th.

    Thanks also to everyone who enquired about my progress which is good except for losing my voice totally - details in reply to Butter-fly. Any feedback on this would be very welcome! :) :)

  • Had a chat with our krackers as already said she has had enough and wants it over and done with, as do we as we want our smiley lady back, love and hugs sailing over to her. xx Fred :) ;)

  • Don't we just Fred :) :)

  • Morning O2, What a nightmare for Socktackers, It's bad enough when everything goes well, but when it doesn't, it's dreadful, Really disgusting that the professionals don't seem to know what their doing, As you say, very depressing for her, Regards, Bulpit

  • My very best wishes for Sokrackers, and of course yourself O2. Xx

  • Give Socrakers my love and best wishes

  • Will do of course Offcut.

    But anyone else who is directly in touch with SK, please do pass on anything here - i know she has a lot of fans ;) :)

  • I did pm Sokrackers the other day but forgot to post about that. You have put it all so well O2 and thanks for that. Poor lady is very fed up which is understandable. Good luck for the 18th Sokrackers. Thinking of you. xxxxxx

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