With the launch of the new Thunderbirds film, I thought this would be a good time to re-erect an old joke. Apologies to those who've heard it before.............................

Lady Penelope called her Butler, Parker, to her bedroom!

Penelope: Now Parker, I'd like you to take off my dress.

Parker: Yus, me Lady!

Penelope: Now Parker, I'd like you to take off my slip.

Parker: Yus, me Lady!

Penelope: Now Parker, please take off my bra and panties!

Parker: Yus, me Lady!

Penelope:.................And don't let me catch you wearing them again!! :-D

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  • Haha! Funny 😀😀😀 xxx huff xxx

  • The old ones are still the best ... even if you know the joke still makes you laugh ..

  • Morning Nickers. Thanks for a morning gigle. Sets me up a treat for the day. Nan

  • Lol

  • Like me Oldy but goodie ... Ma'Lady :)

  • Don't remember this one, great, very funny.

  • Still very funny Nikkers and nice to be reminded of such a good joke. Thanks. xxxx :)

  • Very Funny! No. Not heard it before Nikkers. xx

  • very good thank you xx

  • Oooo...that was silly...funny though!

  • Ha! Ha!! Very funny!

  • Yes me Lady Nickers! Ha! Ha!

  • Very witty sadsandrew! Lol. :-D

  • THANK YOU, for taking it in good fun

  • I never take offence Andrew - with a name like mine, you can't! You can imagine some of the comments I used to get when I was younger? Some couldn't be repeated on here! lol :-D Happy Easter. XX

  • And a happy Easter to you XXX, Hope you keep well!

  • Very funny, dear Nikkers, don't let anyone take yours :)

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