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Managing asthma without medication

Hi, I'm a new poster so please go easy.

I'm in the armed forces and I've developed asthma, I had it as a child but I'm in my thirties now and it's reared its head.

I can't go to my doctor as I risk discharge so I have been self medicating with becotide and Ventolin. I was using medication occasionally but I have to use it daily now.

I was wondering, what have you all tried, be it homeopathic or lifestyle adjustments, to manage your asthma and how successful has it been?

Thank you.

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Thanks but I don't have a login for that site. Could you please send the article as a message.


It's a clinical study, here's the bottom line:

" Conclusions:

25(OH)D levels below 30 ng/ml are common in adult asthma and most pronounced in patients with severe and/or uncontrolled asthma, supporting the hypothesis that improving suboptimal vitamin D status might be effective in prevention and treatment of asthma."


Hi Gary and welcome to the site, you will find the people on here have a wealth of knowledge.

I am still a newby myself but I've had so much help from a great bunch of people.

When you say you risk discharge if you went to the Doctor... .. I am ex army and I remember getting medication for asthma well, they thought it was asthma.

I was not discharged due to having it ,maybe things have changed..

Becotide is a preventative and the ventolin I used to take that when wheezy, how are you getting the meds? as I thought they were prescription only drugs.

Life style changes, if you smoke give it up that is the biggie.

I now take various meds use oxygen at home have severe copd , emphysema. I think if you feel you are getting worse you really need to see a medic and get assessed.

But please listen to the people on here. sending my best wishes to you Sheila. x


Thanks Shelia.

I don't smoke. I get my meds through an online doctor. I use the inhalers the same as you, blue for wheezing and brown as a preventer but I feel like I'm treating the effect rather than the cause.

Something must have changed in the last 20 years since I had asthma, Ive been asthma free since about 14.

There must be something that has changed in my life to make me more prone to it. I'm a massive sinic and I think if I go to the doc she'll put me on more medication and possibly medical review.

I'm looking for the things people have done to Get asthma free without meds.


I have Asthma and Bronchiectasis and up until recently I have taken quite high doses of preventers and reliever inhalers, I get Side effects like joint pains headaches nausea so I have weaned myself down to the lowest dose of the Preventer now and try to exclude triggers that make me cough ie for me the sweetener Aspartame is a big one which is in many soft drinks and foods. Look for your. Triggers it might be dust or foods or something else and avoid it. I also take Homeopathic Lobelia I get that from Homeoforce and I drink herbal tea with Manuka honey 10+ in it to sweeten it the tea and boost my immune system that helps me is Mullein tea bought from Woodland Herbs put it in a tea ball infuser they sell those too. Try drinking plenty of water too it loosens up mucus in your lungs,hope this helps a bit .


Hi Gary, I don't have asthma, I have bronchiectasis. But like you I'm loathe to take medicine (antibiotics in my case).

One thing I read about recently is hydrogen peroxide therapy. It seems to be helpful for all kinds of conditions, asthma included. At the moment I'm doing really well on my regime, but I intend to try it if I deteriorate.

Good luck with whichever route you take.


Have heard good reviews about salt pipes, swimming is good x


Hi, there was a post last week with a link to a web site called normal breathing. The idea behind it is that that some people over breathe or hyperventilate. That is the thinking behind the Buteyko breathing exercises too, I went on a course many years ago but it is very expensive, but you can buy cd's, but the method is not suitable for everyone as C02 is raised very quickly ...not good if you have heart problems,or a transplant for example.

Be aware too of your breathing, it should be gentle through the nose with a relaxed diaphragm....belly breathing...not upper chest only.. Meditation can slow the breathing rate too, you tube has some examples.

Take care

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Just another thought...are you on active service if so do you carry your inhalers with you. If you feel your symptoms are no better you really need medical advice, asthma is not something to be taken lightly.


Hi, It's possible you're taking the wrong dose of Becotide. I'm on Seretide for asthma and I can take different doses - ie 500 at present as have an infection but will go down to 250 when recovered).

As nights are worse, sometimes I take 500 at night & 250 in the morning - respiratory nurses say so.

Important to take it properly (I was taking it wrongly for three years before I was put right). Lots of clips on YouTube for all inhalers. Plus using a spacer is very beneficial.

Imy astma was diagnosed ten years ago although I realise now that I had it as a small child and throughout life when attempting to climb hills. It suddenly worsened in my forties.

As Knitter says, Buteyko is said to work, clips on YouTube.

Whilst I don't advocate taking drugs without seeing a doctor I sort of understand. I've lived abroad a lot and it was better to trust my knowledge rather than a local doctor.

My son was px Becotide and Theophillin at three. When we saw a gp in UK she was horrified and said it was taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

It's vital to avoid pollution, diesel fumes, chemicals, extreme temperatures, damp, smoke, mould etc etc.

If I were you I'd get a private allergy test done. Skin pricks. See what you're allergic to for starters. Mine was mould and slightly aspergillis (another mould).

Also, take your Ventolin before exertion. The trouble starts when your airways are compromised for whatever reason and mucus cannot escape leaving a perfect environment for bacteria so then the serious chest infections start - these can damage your lungs if not treated properly.

At the slightest sign of infection do see your doc.

Are you in the UK?

Good luck. P


You will not be demobbed for having Asthma.....However, you would be demobbed for knowing you have it and not declaring it. Also the issue of carrying non authorised meds with you. A Drugs and alcohol check will be a certain failure due to the steroid content. You need to be officially assessed and give the correct meds on prescription. Both you and the MOD have a duty of care....your duty is to report this and their duty is to adapt your theatre of operations around your condition. If, and I say, If, you were discharged, you will still have a life to live. Going into a hostile situation and finding your meds are inadequate can bring about an abrupt end to your life. Sorry, can't pull any punches on this one. Go to the MO and get it sorted, officially.


Hi Gary,

My husband was in the military, so I know the fear about being medically discharged.

My worry for you is that your condition may have deteriorated over the intervening years. You may have asthma, but there are various forms of respiratory disease, and you may be using the wrong medication.

As there may be no indication in your records of asthma, you could approach your G.P. with your symptoms of breathlessness, and take it from there. COPD in any form is not to be treated lightly.

Good Luck! Lolly. x


I also was very poorly as a child but it cleared up in early teens but like you when I was 30 my breathlessness returned with a vengeance, you are asking how you can cure it and I am not sure that you can but it can be managed. You need to identify any trigger points, for me it is rapeseed and various tree pollens, also dusting the house, some foods also. You really should see the MO although I do understand your reluctance particularly with all of the cuts but it is dangerous to self medicate and how are you going to cope if you are sent on operational duty. ~Take care


Hi, I am 68 and have suffered with asthma since I was in my 50's. They originally said it was brought on by stress, so I expected it to be short term. I have to use 2 inhalers, Fostair Beclometastone twice a day, and Salbutamol. I would love to be able to use an alternative to these chemicals. So I would also be interested in any suggestions.


I can't believe the volume of responses so thankyou everyone, I'll start researching some of your suggestions.

I am pretty aware that most asthma research is done by Glaxo and co so I can't help but think that the meds we take are designed to help treat symptoms but not cure us. That's why I don't want meds and use them as infrequently as I can.

The cure to my breathlessness is out there and it's not medication, I've just got to find it! Or if it's a trigger, avoid it!


Put vitamin A in the search bar. Hopefully you'll get up loads of info from member helenan (wrong spelling). If his info is right you can get loads of benefit from Vits A and D3. Just need to have a look and make up your own mind. P


You can buy Ventolin from chemists without prescription now, but not sure about becitide? I know you can in Spain because I had to.


Might help?


Mate, no one likes medicines. We only make the pharmaceutical companies rich, they only help you feel better, but they do not cure you. Is is not in their financial interest to cure you. I suggest Buteyko system for breathing as someone else suggested. Either buy the CD or go on you tube and search for Buteyko and practice the method for a while, just keep Ventolin handy.

Good luck

Ciao Tony


Welcome Gary1981, if your asthma is bad and you are a forces member then you should see the doctor, How do you get through your routine forces medicals and your keep fit regular assessments? Your highly unlikely to be discharged with asthma these days from the forces, however you might be down graded if you are ranked if your physical fitness is in question. Time to come clean and have your illness treated properly would be my advice.


I blame the government for change of condition enough said


Hi Gary,

the yoga routine called alternate nostril breathing (anb) is a good starting point for a sprayless asthma cure as used in Russia.

In anb the nostrils a pushed from side to side to close them in turn. Such finger pressure acts by reflex to dilate the lung airways like a spray.

A sharp loud sniff has the same nose-pressing reflex effect.



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