This is the first time I have posted and hope I might get some advice. I have just come out of hospital having had Pneumonia. My stay in - was for 7 days - I lost a lot of weight and muscle. Cant seem to get my appetite back. I have been given new medications but find I have a great deal of anxiety and the shakes. One of the drugs is Aminophyllin which on the leaflet enclosed mentions this side effect. Is there anyone who has experienced taking this drug? I would welcome any advice/comments also any advice to rehabilitate muscle strength. Many thanks.

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  • Aminophyllin is a drug i can't take dogcyrus. I was given it for asthma in my 20s and it didn't work and had more or less those side effects. I had thought it was quite unusual to be given it these days, so maybe you could ask the thinking behind this prescription.

    Other post pneumonia symptoms i share with you, except appetite which is huge. But i lost 10 pounds so also desperate to put it on again, and to get muscle tone back.

    Some pulmonary rehabilitation teams provide help to get going again. Ours in Kent does a programme called Kickstart, where a physio comes round to your house and then you get integrated in their PR rolling programme when you are strong enough.

    So you could ask your GP what facilities are available as recovering muscle tone is central to your functioning in a post pneumonia world :)

  • O2 Trees thank you so much. Much relieved. I have purchased a Stationary exercise bike as I cant easily walk as I somehow damaged one ankle. Just frustrated that its taking so long for my body to heal. Once again, thank you for your prompt response. It has helped my state of mind. Regards

  • Hi, be good to yourself dogcyrus (you too O2).

    It takes a long time to get yourself back after pneumonia.

    Eat little and often, what about those nutrition drinks. Either fruity of or like milkshakes? Brand names: Fortisip, Ensure, Complan. They make little pots of fortified puds too.

    P xxxxxxx

  • Thank you. All advice gratefully received. The dietician at the hospital would not recommend fortified drinks, even tho I requested them, but advised to stuff myelf with cakes, puddings etc. to pu on weight. Regrettably, I have not got a sweet tooth. Have ordered some Whey and health supplementary food. Hope it helps.

  • Yeo Valley full fat yoghurt is delicious?

    I'm staggered that a dietitian recommends stuffing yourself with cakes! Pasta is better.

    One of my favourites when recovering was boiled eggs and soldiers.

    Anything with added cream (if you can bear it) I added it to sauces

    You will slowly get more interested in eating as your energy returns. Remember, little and often.

    Good luck and get well soon. 😀

  • Peege. Also good to know. Love egg Soldiers :)

  • A pleasure dogcyrus :)

  • I can see you've had some very good advice here dogcyrus. I wish you a speedy recovery and that you are feeling much better soon. :-)

  • I am truly surprised and amazed at all the interest and help this blog has offered. First time I have used it. Thank you one and all. I dont feel alone.

  • Hi and welcome, when I had pneumonia many years ago I struggled to put on weight too. I am surprised at the dietician's comments need to build up your strength as well as your weight. Can you ask your gp for advice and hopefully they will prescribe Fortisip or similar. I would ring the BLF helpline as well

    I found avocados beneficial and bananas, you can try milk shakes with almond milk if you don't have a nut allergy. Soups are good too with pasta or bread, and baked potatoes. Best of luck and take care of yourself

  • Ta so much

  • When we are in hospital we are pumped full of steroids and stuff to open our airways that makes us shake......its a sad time when your scared of having a cup of tea because your unsure who your going to accidentally throw it over :)

    Your appetite will pick up just have little and often meals x

  • THIS I am going to do! Dont fancy food at all even tho I manage a bowl of aots in the morning. This is my first experience of hospitalisation. Scary after effects.

  • I have never taken any build up drinks as I need to lose weight rather than gain it but my mother who was old and very thin liked the Ensure ones and they are the only ones she did! They have all the vitamins you need and are high in calories. You just sip them throughout the day and they have lots of different flabours even yoghurt ones. x

  • Will investigate. thank you

  • Hi Dogcyrus, I lost 3 1/2 stone after a month of sedation and ventilation, after leaving hospital after a total of 4 months I was still 3 stone lighter than when I went in.

    I ate loads of stuff with protein in it, eggs, beef, fish, full fat yogurts and walked from my front door to the back door thousands of times. Slowly but surely the muscle and weight returned, In fact I over did it and put to much weight on eventually so had to eat more sensibly to keep from getting obese.

    I also had the shakes really bad but this improved as the muscles came back.


  • Dall05, Tony all is most helpful, what worries me at the moment that I seem to have a lot of anxiety and try to remain calm. Appetite is also a problem - cant eat very much to help putting weight on. There has been a suggestion that I that I eat small amouts and often which I am going to try. Hoping the shakes will disappear as you have said - when muscles improve. What is helping now is all the support and I dont feel my problems are unique to me. Regards.

  • I did the same I was in ICU 32 days lost 3 stone and I went past the winning post and loaded it on now I cannot seem to shift it.

  • Hi dogcyrus and welcome to the board. It's awful when you have no appetite. I've always had a small appetite anyway, so when I was diagnosed,the anxiety worsened it terribly.

    I got antidepressants off the Dr, which helped enormously, and I started eating breakfast. ( I never was an early morning eater.) Like you, I ate porridge, because it's easy to get down and a banana. I ate rice pudding, custard, icecream ect... just anything I didn't have to over chew basically.

    I also got a good multivitimin, a B vitimin mix and Q10. They definately helped me get back on my feet. You need to concentrate on building yourself up for now. Look after yourself. xx

  • Graham, I dont know if my reply was sent. Thank you - shall investigate. Hope Pat is OK

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