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P.I.p. payments maybe changed

After waiting eight months, the second time l phoned for an update l was offered a cancellation. That was Mon, yet only phoned Fri ,had l not, still be waiting.

This one was done by atcos and handled different to one l had last year. Second try, first one refused. Now have to wait for three months to hear if it was worth it. The lady told me that they are trying to cut down on payments as people are not using the payments for what they are for. So what they are doing instead is paying for things that can improve the claimants lives.

Guess l will have once again to see if they feel do mine with bronchiolitis obtarin is worthy.

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It's a lousy service. Having said that though my youngest sister has severe osteoarthritis and is in the ESA Support group. She went for a review and they put her in the Work group! Ridiculous as she uses a stick, can barely walk and her hands and ankles all swell up as well as her legs!

The she got a call with a couple of days later from the DWP and they have overturned it putting her back in the Support group. Most days she can barely move so can never work and it is not going to get any better is it?

They only gave her the lower rate mobility DLA and she is dreading changing over to PIP in case they don't find her 'severe' enough.

I hope you are successful and I wish you luck. x

This is my second attempt. First one refused and l appealed without success. Applied again some two months later...Aug 14. So it's been eight months. Had l not phoned for update over the last two weeks l would of been still waiting. Phoned Fri, got cancellation for Mon.

Happy in some ways l can put that behind me, but as to was it worth it, unsure going by what l was told.

Can fully understand that some people misusing the money, those lucky enough to get it, but people who really need it, it's not a lot of help. Can't see how the new system will work if it does happen. She did mention that l could see my gp and be revered to the OT department and they will come out and do any adjustments around the house for free. Think that says it all. Other words not out of their pockets.

So l wait for that letter.

Miss use the sure there are some people who do but then i wonder how they decide what the money should be spent on.....will i be in trouble for buying new shoes as i dont go out much !!!

They give to people who dont need it ....i personally know a woman who claims the highest payment for her 8 year old son who has ADHD....he can wash himself , dress himself, feed himself, everything a child should be able to do...she got it all through telling lies and every time i see her driving around in her new car with her 6 children in it knowing she has never had a job since she left school i know the whole system is a joke x

Interesting thank you. I really believe if this lot get in government again things like PIPS and ESA will be the next to go either completely or will be slashed somehow (maybe means tested), I feel we will be the next target of this bl**dy shambles and as I greatly rely on the PIPS am very anxious about it. So to read your post that they are already looking at cutting down payments is frightening - and I greatly fear a sign of things to come. Really do not know what they mean by we are not spending it as we should. Surely that is up to us, but they will find any excuse. Good luck to yourself - take care xx

It was labour who put this new system in place and if they get in they will bring back Atos and if these lot as you call them get back in they will continue with this system and yes we will suffer I waited 13 months and then was turned down for PIP the system stinks and will get worse.

People do spend the benefit on other things I know someone who has been on high rate DLA mobility and care since the age of 50 she's now 67 and she saves her benefit and goes on a Cunard cruse every year for at least a month.

I just hope who ever gets in next time does away with this system that does not work and only 1% of claims are fraud so they paid Atos to treat us like scum and take the benefits away saved a few pounds but the contract was probably costing the tax payer 10 times more than the 1% clever lot

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It is like the 50 metre walk rule dropping to 20 metre not a sensible decision at all. the government building regs state that a disabled parking bay should be no more than 50 metres away from an entrance. By that rule change they are saying we can park there but should not be able to walk to the entrance if we claim PIP?

I had to appeal my ESA as they had not even mentioned my medical conditions in their report? I won with ESA Support in less than 10 minutes once the doctor and judge read my clinical reports. They even showed genuine concern on how I cope when the wife is at her part time job after awarding in my favour.

Be Well

Thank you to everyone who's replied. To be honest my assessment by atos was very good and she seem to understand my bronchiolitis. They gave us tea and coffee in real cups while we waited the hour and half delay. There were six of us waiting. All the staff were kind to us all. So now l wait, the three months.

It now will go to a decision maker but why it takes so long and think it might be if they leave it for 12 moths we will get fed up and give up or die while waiting shocking

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