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spent 20 days in hospital with pneumonia suffer from stage 4 emphysema been home for two weeks feet are still swollen and short of breath all the time getting little better each day moving around and sleeping better on antibiotics for six weeks wondered how long swelling takes to go down not painful only manage to eat little portion meal how long average recovery period 69 years old male any advice on swollen feet appreciated should i call doctor out for different inhaler on salbutamol at moment

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'A person with pneumonia usually begins to improve after three to five days of antibiotic treatment. Improvement may be defined as feeling better or having fewer symptoms, such as cough and fever. Fatigue and a persistent, but milder, cough can last for one month or longer, although most people are able to resume their usual activities within seven days. Patients treated in the hospital may require three weeks or more to resume normal activities. . . .'

Presumably that applies to ppl who get pneumonia who are normally well. Much harder for us who have so little reserves.


I doubt it, because pneumonia is much more common in people who are already unwell:


'How does pneumonia occur?

You may breathe in some bacteria, viruses, or other germs. If you are normally healthy, a small number of germs usually doesn't matter. They will be trapped in your sputum and killed by your immune system. Sometimes the germs multiply and cause lung infections. This is more likely to happen if you are already in poor health. For example: if you are frail or elderly; if you have a chest disease; if you have a low immunity to infection. Low immunity can be caused by such things as alcohol dependence, AIDS, or another serious illness. However, even healthy people sometimes develop pneumonia.'

Yes, makes sense. I had already had some not too bad exacerbations and ABs etc; so immunity not at a high point :(

I recently had a pneumonia vaccination. Apparently protects from 95% of possible infections, and one jab lasts lasts a lifetime.

Yeah I've had it, 14 years ago! perhaps they didn't expect me to live so long :D

But recently i asked about it and my GP said it protects against streptococcal pneumonia in particular. Id like to know more. This has been a massive illness and very frightening. Ive also heard that the jab lasts a lifetime OR 10 years (whichever is the shortest/longest?!)

It won't hurt to call your doctor out remedium as he can see for himself how you are doing. Take care and do let us know how you get on. Get well soon. xxxx

thanks sassy doc coming out today

Phone the surgery & ask for a home visit Rememdium, it will put your mind at rest. Wishing you a swift recovery ,



thanks nicgum doc coming out today

Hi I know suffering from swollen feet are quite common but I don't know the answer to it.

But I do know with emphysema it is very important to keep your weight up. I assume you have seen a dietician? Are you underweight? If so have you considered build up drinks? These have all the vitamins (omg that word again) and are very high in calorie. Your doctor can give them to you on prescription. My mother was very underweight and drank Ensure which she liked and she was very fussy. x

So many with pneumonia at present remedium.

I have had double pneumonia and the oedema-swollen feet which are an indicator that the heart is struggling according to my GP.

My friend who is a cranial sacral therapist was here today doing lymphatic drainage massage on my feet, kind of stroking the fluid upwards. I can actually see my legs and feet bone structure for the first time in 3 weeks. My legs are so puny now and i hadn't realised.

She spent a while doing a small massage behind the knee where there is a kind of lymphatic gateway (my phrase, no idea what its called) on each leg as unless this is clear, and the fluid can escape, it gets trapped below the knee.

Do you not have water pills? something like Bumetanide? I actually didn't find they helped much as i think my feet had got beyond help other than time and improvement of the pneumonia.

If you have someone who can gently massage the fluid upwards, or you can do it yourself if you're not too creaky. Also classic is to lie with your feet about the level of your heart.

Do hope you improve asap, thinking of you and please take the important advice here re weight/diet, calling GP (crucial) - they need to know what is happening to you - you will NOT be wasting their time x :)

U need water pills much better when they go down, it takes awhile to recover slowly and surely ,rest and enjoy what there is to enjoy, I can't eat either,but I suppose trying is ok. Good luck .not on your own.x

It took me a year to recover fully. Take it easy and get plenty of rest and don't stretch yourself too far - especially at the beginning.

Recovery has a lot to do with the way you feel, try to keep a positive attitude and set yourself an open ended target but never beat your self up if you have not reached it, there is always tomorrow!

For the ankles try to lie down on the bed with the feet higher on cushions and move the feet backwards and forwards this can make the calf muscle act like a pump. If that is difficult you can do it on a standard chair with one foot off the floor with the same action. Do not over do it!

Be Well

Thankyou all for kind words and good advice will take all onboard

rememdium john

Had doc out today answered all questions seemed satisfied with progress said I am on the strongest antibiotics there is in tablet form and can interfere with things but to keep doing what I am so he put my mind at rest just the upset stomache now but he is giving me some tablets for that so thanks a lot again to everyone for support


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I'm from across the pond yet I think the British have a much better health care system over there an example in my county UPMC so called non profit HOSPITAL but UPMC health care PLANS are for profit They own 99% of healthcare pharmacies ,home nursing can only use their suppliers I could go on Is it any different in BRITIAN Sorry got off topic Do you have any heart related problems?

LIKE CHF? I do and have to take diuretics every day ! I hope MAYBE this might help Wishing you a speedy recovery Me and my 90y/o mom love the BRITISH comedies I once said to her why can't they speak plain English lol I'm learning the QUEENS ENGLISH watching them our Favorite Is KEEPING UP APPEREANCES Thanks ROBERT WILLIAM KEITH

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