Its Wednesday yet again

Since I have been on this site chatting to all you lovely people I am amazed at just how fast the days seem to go, which means I am getting older quicker, but thanks to you I feel younger and grateful for what I have as some of you are in a lot of pain and have suffered so much. but still write on here with a smile on your face, or that's what I believe anyway. Looking out the window I also believe its going to be a really lovely sunny day, and I am going to have my tests and see the duty vampire to have some blood taken ready for next Wednesday.

Right what about the three girls that went for a holiday to one of those countries that did not allow woman to drink alcohol, and all three got really drunk and woke up in prison. only to discover that they were to be executed that morning, and none of them could remember what they had done that night.

The first one a Redhead, is strapped in the electric chair and is asked if she has any last words. She says "I have just graduated from Trinity Bible College and believe in the power of God to intervene on behalf of the innocent."

They throw the switch and nothing happens. They all throw themselves to the floor beg forgiveness and release her.

The next a Brunette and is put in the chair and is also asked if she has any last words. "I have just graduated from a School of Law and I believe in the power of justice to intervene".

Again the switch is thrown and nothing happens. Again the men ask for forgiveness and release her.

The last one (you guessed it) a fair haired girl is strapped into the chair and asked if she has any thing to say. "Well I am from London and did a course in Electrical Engineering and I'll tell you right now , you are never going to electrocute anybody if you don't plug the chair in first".

I was thinking Electricity is a great thing if it have not been invented we would have to watch the television by candle light.

Don't forget laughter is part of the human survival kit we all carry.

Have a great day xxxxFred :) ;)

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  • Glad to meet someone else who uses a gas powered TV. I too switched to all gas to avoid these dual fuel tariffs.

  • Hi Rib pleased to meet you pal, like you sense of humour and that you are still managing a smile, hope to speak via this at times. Fred :)

  • We don't get to talk much because I am seldom awake at the same times as you are Fred.

  • Thanks Fred, I shall be chuckling about that all day - even though I'm a "fair haired girl" lol 😄😄. I h.ope all goes well with the vampire - whenever I have blood tests, I still chuckle at the old Tony Hancock sketch - definitely showing my age!!!!

    Take lots of care

    Jan xx

  • Jan I use fair haired as I do not want people to think I am talking about blondes , but then I am sure some one will complain from the fair haired, so watch out you red heads you could be next, at the end of the day if we can not laugh at ourselves its a sad world. As for Tony Hancock I think they did take a full arm full this time, but I had a nice nurse who made me strip to the waist and then stuck bits all over my upper body and she had warm hands, oh happy days.

    Fred xxx :)

  • thank you for those gems Fred, good Wednesday morning to you, I hope the sun shines brightly. :-) xxx

  • Afternoon as it is Lyn been and had the bits done and hope the results are right for me to be sorted next week. I had to laugh as the Nurse said right lets check to see that you heart rate is not racing, she is saying this as she is preparing me for a ECG with lovely soft hands, mind you I got her laughing. Hope you are well and the sun is in Wales shining on you and yours. xxx Fred :)

  • let's hope your results are as they should be Fred.

    I'm collecting my daughter from the train station around 5.30pm. She's home for a few days and I'm looking forward to it. :-) xxx

  • Like that,sounds about right the way jokes usually go about blondes,Lol also got to agree that as we get older times seems to go so much quicker.

  • Hope your ok redted. :)

  • Yes I am fine thank you,you sound as though you are doing ok too,long may we reign.Lol

  • Youre a lovely looney Fred! I used to work in a pathology lab on the front desk, I used to feel so sorry for the patents quaking in their boots waiting for Madame vampire! Love leeleexx

  • Yes I am a looney LeeLee but what about the people that keep reading them xx The blood letter was really gentle with me lol she took it from the arm and not the neck, shame. xxx Fred:)

  • Morning Fred, another good one! Hope all goes well for you today. Sheila Xx.. ps. I am black and blue today and hurt all over!!

  • Sheila Sheila I think its time to put the scooter in mothballs for a while till you get your second or third youth. xxx :)

  • Good Morning Fred, sun is shining on this frosty morning, hope your appointment goes well today! Loved the jokes lol! Cheered me up as I'm off to the dentist arggggg! Hugs huff xxx

  • Hi Fred

    Beautiful sunshine here and warmish already in my little sheltered garden.

    Hope you have a good day Fred and they leave you with some blood...!

    Sara x

  • I always love to see a butter-fly in the garden, flitting from flower to flower, enjoy the sun Sara xxx Fred :)

  • Morning Fred and everyone. Lovely jubbly day here too whoopee! Hope everyone has a good day and thoroughly misbehaves :) xx

  • Hi neighbour nearly enjoy and get out there and misbehave if you must xx Fred :)

  • Making me laugh as always Fred. Hope your Wednesday is a good one. Beware vampires! Take care and keep smiling as it is such a lovely day here too. xxxxx

  • Yes really lovely her a bit chilly out the sun but the answer to that is do not go out the sun. Keep smiling as I know you are I can feel it. Fred xxx :)

  • Thanks all test done and if results are fine I hope to get sorted for at least another year xxx :)

  • Great news Fred. xxxxx

  • Afternoon Fred

    I wasn't awol this morning but was up and out before your post - you know catching worms!

    Thanks for my afternoon giggle.

  • Missed you kracker as your normally one of the first thought you might have slept in. Hope you got the size worm you were after. Keep smiling will talk later to see how its going. xxx Fred :)

  • Great a lovely start to the day, hope you have a good day too Fred

  • Cheers biker :)

  • I think that is a very blonde joke!! Us blondes are not stupid you know!!

  • Colours come on you know I love you all, even if you had no hair :) xxx

  • Great day to you also Fred, Best wishes, Bulpit

  • Thanks I hope you are keeping well and managing alright xx Fred :)

  • I have to blow my candle out soon, Fred, Our candle powered T.V. is on the blink. The Engineer who came reckoned it's got woodworm! See you at 9.30 tomorrow morning when we just may get a look at the partial eclipse down our way.

    Don't put your nose outside though as we are expected to have all this cloud of pollution expected in our area.I always hope that I get a new registrar to take my bloods. These days they have to practice on fellow students, not an orange as I used to do, so no pain, no bruising! Keep well and as happy as you always sound.

  • I believe we are in for a cloudy misty morning for doubt if we will see the partial eclipse. and shall not be around for the next one down here but with any luck will be riding a cloud getting a clear view, who is ever there first save the seats.I see we have both been married for the same number of years and were war babies. Keep smiling xxx :)

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