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Truly Tragic : Final plea of asbestos victim: warn young workers of dust danger


Charlie Bridgewater, pictured with daughter Donna, was exposed to asbestos at work. Photograph: Colin Templeton.

A DYING grandfather has spoken of his anger at being robbed of at least another 20 years of his life because he was exposed to killer asbestos dust as a teenager.

Former Scottish snooker, darts and golf champion Charlie Bridgewater, 69, from Denny, has weeks or even days to live but insists he will keep fighting until he draws his last breath.

The father-of-two was diagnosed with deadly mesothelioma – a type of lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure – in 2010 but it has since spread to his brain and liver.

He recently suffered a stroke that paralysed his right hand and he is unable to walk because his legs are so full of fluid.

ALSO Sydney Australia The Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal by BHP Billiton we all know as finger in UK fracking operations against a payout awarded to a 54 year old terminally ill mesothelioma cancer sufferer.

'He has mesothelioma after inhaling asbestos dust while working in Newcastle in the 1980s.

The Court of Appeal agreed BHP had failed in its duty of care.'


A great result after a long drawn out case, hopefully this will pave the way for BHP Billiton to more readily accept their corporate responsibility on the asbestos issue.

I would like to ad its more than cooperate resposabilaty duty of care its a criminal act under uk commen law to knowing expose worker to asbestos threw copperate negligence and is a crime with know time limites

Dont let the likes of turners cape bhp run ruth shoot over your civil & human rights.

I would of UPDATED my pertition but seems to have vanished.

If anyone can see it still can they let me know.


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I do commend what you are fighting for but I also think there is a deeper issue here and that is getting the GPs to investigate fully in the first instance. My hubby is one of those who was exposed to asbestos and he was ok until he developed an irritating cough. Went to the doctor and in fairness they did a chest x-ray and decided that he may have early stage COPD, anyway we carried on until he developed a really bad cold, again off to GP who said just a bad cold but take this inhaler just in case. With that prognosis we went on holiday to Denmark where he collapsed and was hospitalised. Back home, the GP said it must have been the air quality that made him poorly. 2 weeks later, bank holiday, he was so bad I called paramedics where again he was hospitalised and with all the tests we now have the final diagnosis. We are lucky in that fact that we have now moved to a better area, have a fantastic consultant, decent check ups at the surgery and he is doing ok. He turned 70 recently and still to a certain extent enjoys his life.

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I so agree with what you are saying about doctors need to investigate fully i was told in 2006 i had mild asbestosis then after moving to ireland in 2012 i started to cough was told it was whooping cough that did not go away they took a x ray and just said fibrosis and for nearly 3 years still coughing they have taken no notice of the x rays i have had taken it was only when i saw a heart doctor that he sent me for another x ray and then after looking at it he sent me for a scan and that shows i have advanced asbestosis so for nearly 3 years they totally ignored what was going on with my lungs and even then i was told there was a year wait to see a consultant but after my GP wrote a letter have now seen him and go back in may


My heart goes out to you and your family i have advanced asbestosis so also have been affected with contact with asbestos. keep up the fighting spirit Charlie you are in my thoughts

Such a very sad story Daz and I hope everyone sits up and takes notice. Doctors do need to know what they are looking for and to help people with the right diagnosis in the very beginning. So many were exposed to asbestos years ago and it is now that it comes to haunt them. Terrible and I wish you and everyone well in your fight for justice really.

Not sure where your petition has gone but I did sign it. Take care xxxx

Hi D3NIS your petition is still there iv just looked in on it, ye ive read the story on the meso sufferer sad to see him., must bring back memories of others what have looked after other meso sufferers in past brings tears to your eyes

My dad had mesothelioma from working with asbestos from his work he had a shadow on his right lung for years hospital and doctors sed it was nothink so dad all so sed it was nothink I took him to doctors he was not well and not getting no where with this so I took him we was there over a hour with the doctor had me worried then they sed to take dad up to the hospital for anther X-ray so I did do we arrange to seethe doctor on the Monday this was the Thursday I got a call from doctors on the Friday mor telling me to take dad back to see him that morning we told that he had mesothelioma and it was bad so would send us up to see the cancer doctors and would do more test I was so up set as I am doing this now dad sed y are u crying it's me that's dying not you I sed I know dad the doctor told me not to bring dad to the doctor no more he would come out and was there an think he could do to help dad I sed yes get some one to see him 2 times a day I wol be there and my brother and all my kids and boyfriend then so the doctor got help we was they as soon as we got up then dad had a fall could not get up back on to the chair he had a botten he could press but he did not do it so we stay with him in turns and a good friend took over dad like him a lot I was getting married on dads birthday we set it all up so it could be his dad as well we got him to me daughter that morning he sed I can not do it I was so up set for him any he did it my daughter push him down the to the church he had the best dad my daughter made him a cake that dad we all sed this was his day as well we whent on honeymoon we did not won't to go but dad sed u best go I new he would be upset if we did not go our friend and my daughter looked after dad our friend took dad up to see his best friend he was not well too then I got a phone call my hart dropped it was my daughter telling me his friend had been passed away and she did not know how to tell dad any she did he was up set dad had gone in to hospice then he keep saying when is Elaine and Tim coming back we go back and up to see dad as soon as we got home me and my brothers stayed all night with him they 13 round his bed all the Time then on the Wednesday he sed tune that light off will you then keep looking round I sed Stacy is on her way and Ian they all turned up at 3pm that day he new we all was with him he passed away he only last 7 weeks he had sorted his funeral out and his head stone cos his mum and dad was there too he was trying to claim for it all but was to weak to talk that was the last think he sed have we won yet we told his yes but she did try but no one come forward and my brother use to work with dad but he also passed away too so we had to let it drop cos no evidence from where it came from we only keep it up cos that's wot dad wonted I would not like any one to go thought all that sorry for going on a bit just had to put it all down even though it's upset me xx

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I so felt your pain reading this and how it must have taken great guts to write it xxxxx

Lesley61 in reply to Hidden

Thanks it did but think it made me feel better puting it down cos I hold back a lot and don't let it out xx


This is truly awful. What else can we do. Is your petition on sonce you've got all these data, you could put them there and restart the petition. I'd like to sign it if I can. Mic

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