I don't know if anyone remembers my post about ordering fat pills online (keretone and Primacleanse) but I have been scammed. They have taken around £180 from my bank account. I have stopped it at my bank and have emailed the company for a refund as my bank can't recover it. I have threatened them with Trading Standards and Watchdog but don't hold out much hope of getting any refunds.

I hesitated before posting this as I didn't want to admit to being a fool but I want to warn all of you - do not fall for this. If you want these you can get them as a reputable health shop for around £20. Do not order them online. The offer was for a free trial paying only shipping costs.

Coughalot1 x

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  • Was it this site (looks dodgy as hell to me) ?

  • Yes it looks like it but I think they use different names and the shipping costs aren't quite the same. I got into it from fb when I saw an article from (allegedly) Judy Finnigan praising it so it didn't look that dodgy. Any trick in the book hey? x

  • Hi I Saw the same thing ,and thought if it's good enough for Judy ,,,it's good enough for me,,,,,so I placed my order,,,,,then somehow somewhere I read about the scam ,,,and how money would automatically be taken from my account ,,,,,,frantic and not being able to sleep I rang the fraud dept on my credit card account ,,,explained how stupid I had been ,,,they said they had heard the same story many times,,,,and not to worry ,,,although the money for the postage had been processed and couldn't be refunded ,,,they would put a block on them taking any further money from my account,,,,I was sooooo relieved,,,,finally fell asleep ,but when I woke I was still concerned ,,so I rang my bank to ask if a block had been put on,,,,and they confirmed it had ,,,,thank goodness I paid on my credit account ,,,,and realised MY STUPID ERROR OF JUDGEMENT ,,,in time,when the items arrived ,,I sent them back saying return to sender ,I also sent them an email saying I had been advised by my GP not to take them due to my ongoing health problems,,,,we all make silly mistakes at one time or another ,,,,I'm just pleased my bank were there for me when I needed them ,,,,I hope Coughalot gets his money back ,...good luck coughalot1,

  • I doubt I will Nanny as I paid by debit card not credit card. I won't have one of those but there are times they come in handy. I am sorry you got caught too but so glad you took immediate steps to stop them. Well done.

    Oh by the way I am a girlie :) x

  • Haha me to , ( of course ,,,,,I suppose nanny gives me away ) haha ',,,I apologise for my gender mistake haha,,,

    I never liked credit cards until my daughter talked me into it ,,,as she pointed out buying large

    ,,,(well expensive items ) Are covered by the credit card if anything goes wrong with it ,,,such as it's faulty ,,,or item dosent arrive,etc ,,,and I always book holidays by card ,,,BUT ,,I ALWAYS pay in full every month ,,,that way I get no charges,best wishes ,nanny 1086

  • Hi, I also fell for this scam, paid £9.98 for 2 bottles., recieved them in a plain envelope , with no receipt or where they had come from, as far as I was concerned that was it, but hey ho , on looking at my statement on line I could see that they had taken. a £180 out of my account, I sent them several e. Mails even tried to phone. I rang bank and stopped any future payments and was told that if i didn't receive the tablets to ring them back. The tablets did not arrive, I filled relevant forms, sent copies of my e.mails and my bank did credit me back the money, and i

    To paid with a debit card. Don't give up, where there is a will there is a way. I really pray u get your money back.

  • Ah that's interesting bradshead thank you. I too received the original ones but no more since. I paid with a debit card and my bank did say they can't refund the money and it's down to me to sort it out with the company. I have not received any more tablets either. Is this wrong then? Is the bank trying it on too? x

  • I can only go by what I was told by my bank, you have been charged £180 for goods that have not arrived. Ring them again, as I am certain that all banks would have the same principles. Surely what's good for one is good for another! Have you been in touch with the seller as you have paid for goods that have not been recieved. Please let me know how Jyou get.on.

  • Well the second lot of pills haven't arrived only the initial ones. As I paid by debit card is the bank liable? I have cancelled it at the company who said they will refund me. Whether or not they will remains to be seen. x

  • I was told by my bank that if the goods didn't, arrive, to let them know and they would retrieve the money. The bank sent me several forms to fill in, of any e.mails that were sent by me to the company concerned . I also had to sign a declaration to say that I had not recieved the goods. Either way you are entitled to your money back, personally I would ring the bank again, as my bank sorted it out for me, all I did was provide the proof.sorry if I have repeated myself. Just trying to help. X

  • Hi Coughalot, best just put it down to experience and put it behind you, there's some terrible scams going on and its no fault of yours. Thanks for warning us, I nearly fell for a scam once, I had a letter saying I had won a fortune in some lottery I hadn't entered, The Fifa World Cup Lottery? I just know it was a con! 8x Goodnight, sleep good, huff xxxxx

  • Thanks for being brave and posting this Cough. I am sure it will help somebody. Rib

  • So sorry you have been caught out by these scammers but thank you for the warning. Xris x

  • Try the deep breathing habit for twelve weeks instead of buying useless pills. Look at the free information on

  • Hi love, so sorry that you did get caught out with the scam and glad you have admitted it and let your friends know about it. It's not easy to say it outloud, but, I did after we were scammed as it's makes others aware.

    Oh another tip, dont accept another shipment as sometimes they send more so they have excuse to try get more money. Take care and don't beat yourself up. Love June xx

  • Oh so sorry coughalot, but so easily done. I nearly fell for a Paypal scam, thankfully I didn't. I'm sure many of us have done the same thing or at least almost. It is thoughtful and brave of you to admit and warn others xx

  • Oh dear cough poor you.

    It has deffinately changed changed my opinion of you - you are human after all LOL. We learn by our mistakes so this is a reminder to us all to watch out. PayPal offers a higher level of protection when ordering on line. So too do credit cards but these blighters are clever. Anyway who wants to look like Judy Finnegan? So sorry to hear this cough don't let it get you down.


  • Oh I am all too human Sokrackers! x

  • Hahahahahahahahaha ha,,,,still laughing at the ,,,

    ,," who wants to look like Judy Finnegan anyway remark ",,,made my day ,

  • Thanks for the warning i have considered sending myself but held back, glad i did.There is another advert for cosmetic samples too just pay shipping cost i wonder if that is a scam too x

  • Yes it is don't do it. Apparently if it's classed as shipping costs it is easier for them to take more unauthorised payments. x

  • I thought about the cosmetic one to ,,,,,but like you I wasn't fooled ,,,,yes ,,,,that works the same way ,,,so don't do it ,,,,,,

  • I,ve been waiting 8 months now for the 2 billion pounds I won on the Nigerian :D

  • Farmer D didn't you know Atos have taken over the Nigerian lottery could take 20 years to sort out your winnings lol

  • Haa haa :D

  • We have all been tempted by this sort of thing, but luckily for me, haven't succumbed. Think it was honest of you, coughalot, to let us know. You weren't a fool, just trusting. Zero tolerance to anything on line, the phone and the front door.

  • So sorry to hear you got caught out by these thieves. They are thieves.

    It can happen to any of us.........if. ....we apply for samples and give card details for postage charges. There are so many out to cheat us.

    I contacted a flooring company the other day for their free samples.

    I went ahead and ordered 5 ........their postage was free.

    So there are good guys around.

    Don't be too down hearted & no, your not a fool.

  • sorry to hear about the scam but I think they are still advertising on facebook nearly signed up myself the other day but had second thoughts do to the meds I'm taking

  • I'm glad you didn't Joyce. Don't do it. I have learned my lesson x

  • thanks for the warning I don't want to look like Judy Finnegan I just want to like a bit like I used to before taking all these meds for COPD , it hard to do exercises with all this extra weigh

  • Yes Bikergrove the cosmetics sample is the same scam. Anyone caught in anything like this needs to make the bank aware and possibly cancel your credit card as in the small print (which you can't see) you are agreeing to them taking an amount of money each month and they send you more of the dubious quality goods. And I still look like a 68 year old!

  • Oh Cough how awful for you. I think I have seen that advertisement but was not interested enough to order. I do hope you get your money back but it does look doubtful. Bless you. Well done for letting everyone know though and thanks for that. xxxx

  • These people rely on peoples pride on not admitting they were conned.

    So well done on you for letting us all know!

    Be Well

  • " Cough!!! DON'T! feel ashamed or a fool.... I did and possibly still do feel a fool. for i too was scammed by a cosmetic company...They offered like yourself a free trial only postage and package to be paid..FREE!!. what a load lies. over£1,000 was taken from my bank account before i realized it. and nine times since they have try'd to take more. thankfully my bank now as put a stop to them taking anymore out... and have refunded me the last nine times.... so what i have done is...i have opened a online banking account now so i can monitor my bank account daily as all trust as as made me so ill again and set all the well being i was starting to feel straight back out the window and i am back on my steroids and antibiotics ..the only thing i can take from it is....hopefully i am a lot DON'T! Feel a fool cough.. if you do..then your reading another FOOLS writing....I'm trying to keep as positive as possible its hard.... but we have to try.. have a lovely weekend...Megan"

  • I am sorry you suffered too Megan. I think they will try and take more so I think the best thing I can do is cancel my card and get a new one. The bank has promised me any more payments taken would be refunded but that might take time. x

  • I try and only the companies that use PayPal. They never have access to your bank details.

  • "Thank you cough..thankfully the bank refunded me that same day it was taken. But! YES!..i too will cancel my card and get a new one if they do manage to get through and try to take more.Good Luck!! cough what an expensive and humiliating lesson to learn hey.....Megan.."

  • I am glad all of you have read my post and have been warned off. I know all about scams etc. but after being harangued by medics about losing weight and feeling fat I did it in a weak moment and regretted it afterwards. I have read some reviews of others who have been scammed by this type of product.

    The advice is if you do it email and cancel it straightaway. Keep the products in case they demand them back. Then go to your bank immediately and tell them about this. Mine said a lot of people have been caught out and they see it all the time. You might also have to cancel your card and get another one. The bank says they will either stop any further payments being taken (they use different details) or they will refund. This could take time however so cancelling your card is the best thing to do. Say it has been stolen or something. You won't get a refund so most times you just have to write if off.

    Stay safe from online scams everyone. x

  • Its difficult, these scams look so professional don't they. My Paypal account was hacked a few years ago and they claim to be such a safe company. £400 was taken from my bank account. Fortunately I got it back, but it took weeks and of course there was the inconvenience of changing my bank card and not having access to my account. I was just unlucky I think. xx

  • I am glad you did Jolyn. Paypal cover this so it is a lot safer. x

  • Dear Coughalot and all,

    You can contact Trading Standards if you are unsure of a company, organisation or just plain evil people who pray on us, if they are reported to them. A few years ago my mother-in-law became physically and mentally frail through lottery and psychic scammers. Their methods of getting money from innocent individuals is truly wicked (I can't write in words my true feeling about them) unfortunately she did not believe us when we told her they were fake and it ruined the latter years of her life.

    Don't kick yourself about falling for their tricks, unfortunately these creatures will not go away but keep an eye out for them not only for yourself but for other people who could be effected by them.

    There I've had my rant - hope everybody is keeping as well as they can, roll on spring and the brighter weather (oh bother my hay fever will kick in and I shall get down in the dumps again), such is life.


  • so sorry to hear you were scammed - these people are scum = hope you can get some money back - thank you for warning us - very brave to admit you were conned - thank you and good luck.xx

  • Hi Coughalot, sorry you got caught in one of those scams. They are usually USA companies but not always. I got caught with them new Rasberry diet supplements backed by a big actress too. My bank advised that they get hundreds a day of these cheats but it's quite legal apparently. I got half of my money back from the company and the bank cancelled any further payments. So the so called free pills cost twice as much as from the health food shop, thanks for your post warning everyone. Like you I felt like a fool for being taken in but guess we are not alone. There's another one now they phone you up to sell you celery seeds which sound like a cure all but cost £28 on line for sixty and you can buy them much cheaper else where . In fact they are a quite cheap supplement, but I have found no benefit so far from taking them. I did purchase them for a mere £7.95 for 100. Sadly you are right you probably wont get any refund in respect of your scam,, but it might stop this company doing it again we can but hope.

  • Hi ,if your a fool ,,,,then so am I ,,,I too saw the advert and thought it was worth trying ,,so I paid the postage with my credit card ,,,,,how ever I later that night ,,,,I don't how ,,,but I read about the scam of how they take the money (Over £150 ) from your account automatically,,,,,it was on my mind ,,,and couldn't sleep with worry ,,,so although it

    was 3 am ,I rang the card fraud number ,,,,and they said they would put a block on my card so that no further payments would be made to them from my account ,,,,but they said I would lose the payment for the postage of the item as it had already been processed ,,,,but I didn't mind that ,,,,I was just relieved no further payments would be paid to them, ,,,,I also EVENTUALLY found their email ,,,and sent them an email saying I no longer wanted the item ( a white lie saying my GP had advised against me taking them due to my illness ) ,,I gad no reply from them ,and when the item arrived ',,,I sent it straight back saying return to sender ,,,,,

    I've gone into detail In The hope it will help anyone else who fell for this con ,,,,thank god I paid on my credit card and my bank were amazing ,,,,even at 3am ,

    I wish you good luck in retrieving your money ,all the best ,Georgina ,

  • Thanks for being brave enough to put thus on here ,,,,,sadly my reply went to coughalot1

    Further down this page ,,,but in short ,,,,I fell for it to ,,,,luckily for me I realised my error and rang the fraud dept in my bank ,and they put an immediate block on my account ,further details of my comments are below, I wish you good luck in your endeavour to get your money refunded,best wishes ,nanny 1086

  • Update: I have just rung them and they say if I return the goods in a box they will refund everything except £10. Let's hope they do! I have told them to cancel my account and not to try and take any more money as my bank will stop it. I will return them recorded delivery! x

  • Tell your bank you didn't authorise payment or if you have told them you have advise them that it didn't arrive, then tell your bank you want to charge back the payment if they say they can't ask to speak to a manager and if they say they won't refund you ask For details of the financial ombudsman this should get you your refund if not the financial ombudsman will take your complaint and will normally side with you and order a refund

  • Well the first ones did arrive but nothing since. Would that count? And I didn't cancel within the 14 days or receiving them. Would that make a difference? I will send the original tablets back and wait to see if they send my refund. If not I will do as you said. Many thanks. Bradshead said the same. x

  • It is disgusting people who prey on vulnerable you can get these tablets from your GP I know a women who has been on these tablets for 2 years they take all the fat out of the food you eat. They haven't worked for this women mainly because she eats shed loads of cheese, pizza, Chinese, Indian.

    We have no quick fix just eat well and exercise good luck and don't feel a fool you are not the first and you wont be the last

  • Thank you have already joined them. x

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