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This is the link for "Sell Off" - a film about a group of doctors who are campaigning to save the NHS. Many of them are founder members of Keep Our NHS Public.

For me, politics is about power, who has it, how they can use it to make decisions good or bad; also politics should be about accountability and there is none in the changes that have happened to the NHS. And no mandate from the people.

I tried to find this link when a previous post was started about a week ago.

Its not short but its really worth watching as it's very clear. Good for anyone campaigning on the streets on saturday which is National NHS campaigning day.

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  • Thanks, I watched it in installments.

    It's made me realise how little I know about how the NHS is I have been googling

  • Great - we are told so little about that.

  • hi o2 thanks for that, I watched it,, makes you think eh whats going on behind the doors of power,,

  • Things get less and less transparent itsBAme. Private companies who win NHS contracts are not subject to freedom of information requests. They are protected by "commercial-in-confidence". So there's absolutely no accountability there.

  • Btw, anyone watching this may have noticed that its a crowd funded film which has so far managed to get about 50% of its costs funded. So if anyone knows of people who feel passionately about this and who have with a few squids to spare, then please pass it on.

  • Thank you for this link I watched it to the end and went back to bits and watched them again. I now wonder if our local hospital is PFI we are under threat of loosing our A&E and felt the more people watched this the better so I sent a letter to my local paper with the link and also several councillors in our area asking questions like is our hospital a PFI, I feel very passionate about our hospital and the NHS having spent all my working life in it.

    If people are treated like mushrooms how can they make good decisions at the election its about time politicians came clean, as my late Mom would say how do you know when a politician is lying when his lips move.

  • Brilliant onamission, I'm so glad you're taking action :)

  • We have a local saying stick a labour sticker on a pig and the locals will vote for the pig and I'm guilty of this but this is the big problem people are treated like mushrooms and when things come out they blame the other party.

    If people were told the truth they would use the vote wisely even though politicians should never be within in a million miles of the NHS.

    To balance this we have a lot of money wasted in the NHS I think I have mentioned this before the women I worked with went to the hospital and in her own words '' to see how much her right hip had gone did she need a hip replacement even though she had no intention ''. I do think if we were to loose the NHS how many times would she go to see her GP ?.

    I think if everybody sent a letter to the local paper with this link people would have a better choice

  • Thanks O2. Good job there are active people like yourself and Rita, hope the name is right, looking out for our interests. Thank you.

  • Nice message suzy. I can't do much more than try to raise awareness at present but Rita is out there being proactive, very committed. We are looking after our own interests too ;), the more people involved the better. If you haven't already, take a look at Stillstanding's post from yesterday.

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