respitory aress

can anyone tell me what would cause this ,happened 2 weeks ago ,woke up in bed freezing got up to toilet talking to wife she went to make a coffee that's the last I remember woke up in hospital dr asked my wife if I would like resussitaded if needed now we have spoke about this and I have said if I was brain dead no resussittion so my wife said no someone must have been on my side that day as I came round put in ward 3 days on b/pack the worst thing I have ever experienced in my life in the end doctor tells me pneumonia chest infection so I take it when sats drop to a level ,you just black out they said my heart was working to hard to pump oxygen and they must hve thought I was going to have heart attack hospital 1 week a/b steroids echo of heart sent home was told was small fluid around my hear back home now has taken a lot out of me as weaker than I was but still here what a fright

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  • sorry to hear that billy, yes pneumonia will take some time to recover, i know, i had it, it took me months, i had a collapsed lung at the same time.

    so as far as that goes i would certainly have patience, and do all the "right things"

    i actually thought you were on oxygen, am i wrong ? anyway lack of oxygen could make you collapse, if it suddenly went too low [i did with the collapsed lung /pneumonia ] but the doctors the best one for advice here billy, as it could be caused by many things,,, hope you recover soon

    best regards


  • hi jimmy

    thanks for reply ,yes I am on oxygen ,that night I went into toilet and sat there for a while without oxygen ,I remember how cold I was getting mbay cold did something anyway jimmy will be trying a lot better to look after myself

    cheers jimmy.

  • hi billy, hope your feeling better by now,, that was a good answer by offcut.

    i must admit to have did this myself,, left the oxygen off whilst trying to bathe, i was lucky my faithful hoovererr :) come carer was helping me etc , put he oxygen on me quick, it fairly took the breath right out of me,, oh well we

    live and learn :) she comes on a wednesday, and knows well of copd, as her mother has end stage herself, shes been a godsend to me,, even at other times,, shes always at the other end of the phone, and i can phone her at anytime. [if i need too] lets hope you rally round soon billy, all the very best for now jimmy

  • It is standard practice these days to ask if patients wish to be re-sussed.

  • yes i was asked that on friday rib ,,said YES :) all the best jimmy

  • Cold can cause all sorts of problems if you jump into cold water you will gasp for air and in extreme cases can cause heart attacks? The heart is a muscle that does not respond as well to being cold plus the lungs are then sucking in the cold to oxygenate the blood that is chilled in the process.The body does not like to quick a change in anything as the body can do the wrong thing to compensate.

    I was in ICU 32 days and 12 days in a coma my wife was told a number of times that they did not expect me to survive the night! I was on an Oscillator for 10 days which they told my wife it gave me less than a 50% chance of surviving it, but the decortication would of killed me and this was the only option.

    I am afraid it all takes time but I am sure that you feel for the family looking in while all this is going on?

    Be Well

  • That sounds awful billy and how scary for your wife too. It is good to talk things over and decide what is to happen but so glad you made it through. Hope things improve for you soon. Take care and wishing you well.xxxxx

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