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Food getting stuck

I have severe COPD and I am Azithromycin now every day was only every other day, but my chest consultant wanted me to start every day as still getting infections.

My question is that for along time now my food has been sticking when I try to swallow not all the time maybe only once or twice a month. Then just before xmas it made me sick as it did just 2 weeks ago, I told my gp and of course he has now sent me for a Endoscopy this month. I am petrified of having anything put into my mouth so I have asked for sedation. I really do not think or hope its the big c as my doctor said it would be getting worse and would be more often, but it isn't it can be weeks in between.

I know the gp is only doing it to air on the side of caution but for me its hell knowing I have to have it done.

I was just getting my head around having this COPD and coping with it now this.

Thanks all of you for your messages of help they have been fab helping me cope with my COPD.

Do any of you know anything about this.

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Hi Patj...have not had this procedure first hand but some of the members here have and I'm sure you'll be getting some encouragement from them soon.

When the ambulance picked me up last week one of the crew told me that she was having her second one done with sedation the following week. Went on to say that with the first one it was all over so fast and she didn't know anything about it.

Best wishes - I'm sure it will go well for you.


Thank you so much for reply. I have been through lots of things but this is one thing that has always frightened me.

I guess as they say it's the unknown,I would sooner it stayed as unknown. I guess it's not wanting the procedure done and worry about the results. Thanks again limelight.

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I have had this done about 25 years ago - I was sedated and I fell asleep and knew nothing till I came around :)


Hi Pat, I have reflux and regular endoscopies. Its likely this is what you have.

The first one was done without sedation and was awful (also the endoscopist was a private one attached to my GP practice and an unpleasant jerk - he was later sacked). Second one i insisted on getting it done at the (NHS) hospital, got sedation and it was a breeze. So do insist on the sedation; for me it stopped any gagging and it didn't affect much afterwards either. I hardly noticed it.

Let us know how you get on. :)


Thanks o2trees I have asked for sedation I will not have it done if not. I will let you know how things go. Thanks again patj


Firstly patj the endoscopy will be fine with sedation especially and will be over before you know it. Try not to worry as your GP is doing the right thing for you. Pete does sometimes say to me that his food seems to get stuck whilst going down and he has to drink whilst eating quite often. It doesn't happen all the time but he has never mentioned it to our doctor or any other doctor. It could be many things so getting checked out is the best thing. Wishing you well. xxxx


Hello Pat and a big warm welcome to you...dont think we've spoken till now, and do so understand your fears regarding the endescopy that your waiting you i too am stage 4 severe COPD..with just 27% Fev.l

i have had a few trips to the hospital for the camera to be put down my throat for a peek around and with a valium injection its been virtualy a relaxing experience for me,.

The results came back each time as reflux causing at times difficulty with swallowing plus an air lock while not breathing properly while eating. So i am hoping that while this problem is at times a massive problem its also another part the COPD that we have to learn to live with..

and Pat..we do somehow do do it . wishing you well and keep posative..let us all know how you get on.


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I had this procedure a few years ago. I too was terrified. I intended to have sedation but the welcoming nurse talked me into having it without. Not as bad as you imagine it to be . I could leave the hospital almost immediately , those who had sedation had to stay longer .

Good luck , it's over and done with in just a few minutes .


Thanks everyone for your replies they have been very helpful.


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