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Another FYI

morning everyone,

Its 2:15 a.m here! Found another natural

helper for pain. Tart cherry juice concentrate. 2 tablespoons twice a day.

Recommended by the arthritis foundation. ( helps gout also) I have bought many bottles of this for my mom.

It doesnt work if you don't open the bottle! What a stubborn woman she is!

I'm sure many of you know the feeling.

Rubyxx 😴

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will try this Ruby, my arthritis has been troublesome since my flu jab. wish there was an answer for Bronchiectasis pain. glad you liked the poem. spring is just around the corner - there are signs in the garden, a few snowdrops, cheery yellow winter aconites and some pink and white hellebores (Christmas roses). Keep well, Iris x


Hello Ruby, I am all for natural helpers, this one sounds tasty, and I love cherries, thank you, hugs huff xxx


Give it a try, people say really good things about it. :-) :-)


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