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I'm back and It all went like clockwork :)

Hi all, I'm back and about to hang the do not disturb sign on the door Ha Ha

1 The INR warfarin blood test could have gone better, in 1 week and because of being put on a higher steroid dose and AB's my INR has risen from a perfect 2.5 to 3.8 which is no surprise as this normally happens to me so I had better not cut myself or I wont stop bleeding easily and anyway it could hurt as well :) .

2 Fit to breath went very well, even the dreaded sit to stands didn't hurt quite as much as usual and I left feeling pretty good. :)

3 Drive10 miles to Worcester Hospital where I was lucky enough to find a parking space fairly close to the door and headed off to clinical investigations for my bone scan. After a 20 minute wait I had a lie down for 10 minutes while the scanner did its thing which I found quite comfortable, I wished it could have lasted a little longer.

4 From the bone scanner it was a short walk to x-ray where I waited about another 20 mins before they called a group of 4 through. I was the lucky one and was taken through for my chest x-ray first which only took 5 mins and I was on my way back to the car.

5 It had been 1 hour and 15 mins in all and the car parking charges go from £2.00 for an hour to £3.70 after that so that extra 15 mins cost me £3.70 oucha!!!. It used to be free for us Blue Badgers but not any more, if your lucky the BB will get you a place nearer the door which is something I suppose. :(

6 Back home sooner than expected but very very ready for that rest.

'They' say its good to keep busy don't they Healthunlockeders, Who the hell are these 'they people anyway'


Tony Yawn!!!!!

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What a busy day for you Tony but all seems to have gone pretty smoothly. Hope you are enjoying a much needed rest and take good care of yourself. Those parking charges are a real bummer but not much we can do about them.

Wishing you well. xxxx



You must be completely exhausted after all that, I am was also on Warfarin and keep going for the INR blood test was a bit of a pain, but no more I have been put on Rivaroxaban also named Xarelto it does the same job as warfarin but you dont need blood tests and take just one pill a day, its one appointment less and less hassle ,worth asking for.

all the best

Margaret x


Glad to hear that the day went according to plan with no hiccups. Rest today! TAD xxx


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