Broken (my latest poem)

Broken (my latest poem)


I take tablets

every day,

do they work?

I couldn't say.

I've bits that hurt

and bits that don't,

bits that move

and bits that won't!

Sore bits.

spreading in a patch.

Itchy bits,

that I MUST scratch.

Muscles, joints, bones and skin,

on the outside and within.

Lips and tongue,

teeth and jaw,

eyes and nostrils,

all are sore.

Maybe pills are just a token.

They can't mend me -

I'm too broken!

9 Replies

  •'s totally brilliant...but ever so slightly sad at the same time xxxx

  • A bit of a wreck like myself then! Love your poetry Poems. That made me giggle. xxx

  • How very true but I have been around for a long time - I expect to see signs of wear and tear - SADLY xxx

  • Yes we are all broken here but we fight on don't we, until one day they find the dream pill that will fix us. :)

    A broken but not downhearted Tony

    I did enjoy your poem though PG even though as vashti said it is very sad.

  • Good one! Xx

  • Brilliant... could be us. !

  • How true! That just about sums most of us up, I guess. Great poem.

  • I was picking my skin whilst reading your poem, so I can identify with some of your verse. Sadly it is so. :/

  • Hello poems, sad but true. it made me smile but also gave me some comfort that I needed. Reminded me I'm not the only one suffering and need to let out all the negatives and look for the positives. I love your poems. Please post more. Thank you Suzy.

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