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Morning all!

I very rarely post on here, I usually just sit quietly in the sidelines and read all of your posts for info and support. But I would love to become closer to the community on here.

I truly think you are all amazing in the way you cope and I thought it was about time I told you all so!

I'm fairly new to all of this, but I'll give you a brief history about moi! I'm 29, and I live for my 2 amazing children!

I was diagnosed with severe asthma in 2013, and again with Respiratory bronchiolitis- interstitial lung disease last year, So it's all been a bit of a shock to the system! I'm currently having lung function tests every 3months, ugh! But I must say the hospital dealing with it all have been amazing.

My daughter has been home from school for the last week or so with an almighty chest infection, she seems to have recovered now- thankfully! I'm just keeping everything crossed that I don't get it!!

Anyway please feel free to say Hi and if you want- to tell me a little about yourselves.

I hope to speak to you all soon.

Keep warm and have a fab weekend xxx

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Hello im adam 39 in england london how are you


Hi Charley nice to meet you and welcome to the site. You are very welcome here love and as you said we are a close little community.

Now you have broken your duck don't be shy and just jump in anytime we don't stand on ceremony here! :d x


Hi there Charleyct, it's good to know a little about you.

My name is Lyn and I joined about 16 months ago to get some information for my Husband who suffered with Pulmonary Fibrosis. I didn't post much publicly but chatted to a few kind friends in private. My Husband passed away 10 months ago :-( everyone has been so warm and friendly. I'll be 61 years old a week tomorrow. It will be my first birthday without him. :-(

Hope you have a nice day...the sun's just come out here and we now have blue skies. :-) xxx


Hi Charley, welcome! Im jean, 68, severe copd and asthma. Live with partner in Kent by the sea. Involved in campaigns to protect the NHS and glad to hear you've had such good treatment. You're young to have to deal with all this - I don't know much about your bronchiolitis condition but i was diagnosed with asthma in my 20s and that was enough of a shock.

Look forward to seeing more of your posts.

Hope you have a relaxing weekend :)


Hi Charley I am Pat and still waiting a diagnoses - so far could be asthma or COPD or both - another lung test with specialist soon :) Welcome to a great friendly site :)

edit - I am 59 :)


Hi, I'm Chris live in Leicester. I have mild COPD , PsA and Crohns. A bit of a mix but life goes on. I have two labradors and a good family round me. There are 4 children 6 grandchildren and now 2 grt grandchildren. I am 64 yrs still married, now nearly 46 yrs . So there are plenty of them.

Hope you manage to stay infection free, sending hugs.


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Welcome Charleyct, good to hear from you. I am 62 and carer for lovely hubby Pete who is 63. He suffers from sarcoidosis affecting lungs, airways, joints, nervous system and more recently his heart. He also has COPD and chronic back problems which he hopes will be sorted out soon (not holding his breath on that one though).

We enjoy life as much as possible and have family nearby - so near in fact, one son lives here with us. I am very pleased to have found this wonderful site and glad you have too.

Hoping you don't get a chest infection but wishing you and your family well. Post again soon. Take care. xxxxx


Hi guys, thanks for all the replies, it's good to hear from you all and learn bits about you all :-)

I do feel Young to already have lung disease and I also suffer from chronic pelvic pain and Pelvic congestion syndrome. I was put through a medically induced menopause which I reacted badly to and ended up with the respiratory problems.

It's scary-but very nice to know I am not alone and there is a great support on here.

I am having my veins embolized in a few weeks and I'm positively terrified!! Just hoping all goes smoothly with that too! I don't think

I have time to deal with one issue before another one hits me at the moment!!! Just got to keep smiling and go with it as best as I can.

I have to have an MRI before the op and received my appt in the post today. The letter says the dye can cause an asthma attack, has anyone experienced this?

I'll take my pumps along and hope for the best!!

Thanks Lyn, I had a lovely stroll-just to the local shop with the kiddies and the weather was lovely and bright. I am so sorry to hear about your husband, I hope your birthday goes well and I am sure he will be with you in spirit for the entire day. If you need a chat or anything then I'm always here and always willing to lend an ear!!

Hope you've all had a good day! Xxx

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its great to have you with us charleyct, im jimmy an oap, with various ailments , but always try to look on the brightside if at all possible :D

maybe the good thing at being diagnosed so young , you will benefit from the newer treatments, god bless you my lovely and your family too,, lots of love jimmy xxx :)

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Hi Charley and welcome to the family. I'm sorry to hear your having health problems, so young but, you seem to have a lovely, positive attitude which most on here say is essential.

I've been diagnosed Mild/Moderate Emphysema since January, 2012 and spent over a year letting my imagination run wild. I ended up rock bottom.

I can't tell you how grateful I was when I finally found this site and it's kind supportive members, it truly was a godsend and I now feel much more like my old self because of them.

I hope you stick around Charley, you won't regret it. xx


Hi Charly, and welcome to our amazing site, a really good bunch of souls on here. I have stage 4 but there is still a lot i can do, i'm 63 so you've got years yet and may not even develop COPD. Wishing you and your family all the very best. Love Kin Xx


Hi Charley. Like you. I look forward to heading the posts but very rarely venture into posting them myself


Hi again Charley! I've just written a long reply to you but now see that only the first two lines are showing in my reply! Anyway, instead of the long chatty message I wrote before, I'll just tell you briefly about me. I'm a carer for my husband who has moderate COPD and also has severe heart disease, circulatory problems plus other health issues. We don't have any family so it can be a bit lonely sometimes but we enjoy the good days and get out as much as possible. One good, your own post has prompted me to post on here myself so hopefully we'll meet up again before too long.

Give those two lovely children a hug from me. Jan xxx


Now you have got into the posting. Give us an idea of the day you had at the hospital. Are you having the tests in the plastic cabinet? Were you aware that they use that for you to blow up their air beds and rubber rings? ;)

Be Well


hello Charley...and welcome! I'm Vashti...I have stage four COPD and use oxygen 24 hours a day but don't panic...I'm 66...much older than you!

Live in Ireland and have donkeys ,dogs and cats...and a husband who looks after me...poor old boy gets a bit befuddled but we have a laugh...

Take care xx


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