BROMPTON?You can,t be serious!

As usual 3 steps forward(pip) 10 steps back (health).So it turns out I,m not fit enough for valves or coils.Seems I,ll be joining Mandy on the transplant list as a last resort.If my heart is strong enough ,it should be but my liver took a real bashing when I was a drinker so rejection might be an issue.If you see this Mandy,of all the places I would like to meet you the transplant list is,nt the one I would of chosen but hey we can look out for each other eh?Hope you are well .Please send all viable lungs to the BROMPTON Happy days. D. :D

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  • Hi farmerD sorry to here about brompton .. a dont know what to say but am with you on lungs expect ad say f%%% the brompton

    Fitt em our self like how hard can it be lol

    But joking aside truly are sorry its not good news fella

  • Cheers Denis,I did type "lungs" into the search engine on EBay but no results lol ,so back to the drawing board! D.

  • See thats where you went wrong CHINA as loads

    Try lol

    I did and it come up with pork ;)

    Its a mad mad world ... Thanks for the crack cheered me up know end


  • Hi Flibberti,it,s all very confusing.The valves are fitted endoscopically and I,m not fit enough yet fit enough for a major operation.It,s crazy but then so am I lol. D.

  • That is crazy, and so sorry to hear that. I can't imagine they couldn't do the coils given, as you say, it is far less serious than a transplant.

  • Sorry to hear you got another knock back Farmer. If I see Mandy before you I will pass this on. Rib

  • Hi farmerD. That's good news to be able to have a transplant for your lungs, will keep my fingers crossed for you, I was told I could nt have that treatment so I'm well pleased for you, let us know how you get on please

  • Now you have to make bigger steps forward and little steps back so it is not so much a Gap!

    I hope you get it all sorted very soon!

    Be well

  • Thanks Offcut,at least I have my new toy to look forward to lol D. :D

  • Oh dear farmer it's a catch 22 situation isn't it? I hope you will be able to have a transplant in the future. Hugs x

  • Sorry to hear that Famer

  • Oh Farmer that's a blow. but the hope of a transplant would be marvellous, the thought of breathing normally! Love Kin Xx

  • So sorry to hear that, Farmer. Was sincerely hoping this would work out for you as it would have offered hope to so many others just to know of someone being offered the valves or coils. As you say, it does sound ridiculous that you're not well enough to have what I understand to be a fairly low invasive procedure under local anaesthetic but are well enough to be considered for major surgery. I just hope you're one of the lucky ones who gets a successful transplant. Thanks for letting us all know the outcome.

  • Thanks for your input Nan,regards! D. :C

  • Good luck to you FarmerD. Pete will be off to the Brompton at some point as he has to be thoroughly checked over for heart and lung problems. No back op for the poor man as everyone is too scared to do anything for him. Just going round in circles. Dizzy!

    You take care. xxxx

  • Hi Sassy,I do wonder if some of these decisions are due to money matters?With the NHS so strapped for cash us oldies are not financially viable,which is fair enough but if it was properly financed maybe they would try a bit harder for us.I wish you and Pete the best of luck,regards D.

  • It is all about the money Farmer D but with all the Managers and Politicians getting their share, we mere mortals have no hope. xx

  • I was hoping you would have some good news, but at least you are now on the transplant list - please don't give up hope - it may turn out for the best if you can get a transplant. I'm sure we ALL wish you get one. Stay positive and hang on in there. All best wishes xx

  • Hi Dedalus,I,m not on the list yet and may not get there ,the tests required I may well fail due to my other health problems.I might just have to eat steroids like sweeties for the rest of my life,oh well I,ll have six months in my new car at least lol.Thanks very much for your concern,regards D. :D

  • So sorry to hear this D. Thought the coils procedure was aimed at people with severe emphysema. I've been told I'm not suitable for either procedure as well. Well what about oxygen ? The waiting list for transplants is long and you have to get by on a day to day basis. I know they refused you oxygen last year but can't remember why. Do you think it would be worth looking into again ?

  • Hi Argana,it is very confusing.It was a different consultant and he was very rushed,the secretary and the pharmacist had to query his handwriting,which took up lots of other people's time( and my time of course ).It seems " the team " have been discussing my case.I feel if I got into a gym once or twice a week,away from the cold, I would improve greatly,been waiting to get into another PR course,I don,t think they realise how important these are.When I get my car I can check out some gyms rather than have to rely on very local ones so the Pip will help with that(might even be a life saver ).As for oxygen my sats on the six minute walk are fine,I can breathe in ok it,s the out bit I,m no use at lol.You take care now,regards D.

  • Here's to getting your car up and running and getting to the gym. At least that's something you can control without *****y doctors and consultants changing their minds.

  • Hulo Farmer, I'm so gutted for you, not the news we were hoping for! It's the breathing out that's hard for me too, but our power is in positivity so stay strong, some good news could be on the horizon for us! ;) hugs huff xxxx

  • Yes Huff,at least I,ll have my new car to look forward to and won,t have to worry so much about money,for a while anyway lol.Take care, D.

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