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Yer its more not sleeping at night i got some zolpidem tartrate 10mg tablets from the docs and last night got 7.8hours sleep i was so happy about it i dont like pills at all or the side effects can get just woke up bit dozy 1hour was gone cors you read lot things people say about sleeping pills not work or does this and that to you now got train my mind brain to not worry and sleep at night as not saying on them no way

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Hey Adam,

I see your got some sleep finally. I'm glad to hear it. That wasnt helping your problem.



Yes 7.8 hours needed it badly still got try train my mind brain to sleep at night tho not haveing them things every night no now and agane if gets bad


Well done, it can only be good!


My Doctor will not give me sleeping pills and I rarely get a full nights sleep.

I have been told I could buy them on line...has anyone bought pills? One very very tired lady. xx


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