Aren't they the company who are going to take over from ATOS? I hope not if my experience is anything to go by.

The Civil Service contracted out employees private pensions to them and as an ex civil servant I have been trying to get this since October last year! I have been told I needed a quote which would take 2 weeks and it would be a further 3 months before my pension could be set up. They apparently are extremely busy and the phone queues are around 25 minutes. Despite several calls since October they are still trying to release my quote and are chasing up the relevant department. It's only taken 3 months so far.

If they are taking over from ATOS then God help us all.

Coughalot xx

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could not agree more

Interesting article thank you. I wonder if Capita will be worse than ATOS? And lie as much? I live around 2 hours away from the nearest ATOS centre without a car. I have been and it involves 2 buses, a train (to a tiny station in the middle of nowhere where most trains don't run) and a long walk and is in the middle of an industrial estate and very hard to find. Hopeless.

there both the same really coughalot 1

They do that deliberately. They ask how you got there, and, if you are at all able to manage that arduous trip they will then say you are fit enough and don't need help.

Hi, I don't know much about the PIP thing as I have been imitating an ostrich so far as that is concerned, because it isn't happening here until this year, and I had other things to concern myself with. I was talking to someone I know on the phone last week who works with ESA claimants and we got around to talking in general terms of PIP and ESA. She told me, that Atos didn't have the contract now, ( don't know if that is just in my area or all over ) and a company called 'Richmond' she thought, was taking over this month. She wasn't 100% sure about the name, but I was wondering if that rang any bells with anyone. I will need to start looking into it more now, but if they are going to keep changing companies then it will be even more confusing, and yet again more frustration. She also said that Atos were way behind and had a huge backlog, which you know anyway, so that is maybe why Atos got the boot, but I am only guessing here, because I have not kept my self up to date on the subject, until it started getting implemented locally which would lead to less confusion for me.

Good luck with it all to us all, as it sounds like it has been a total nightmare so far.

hugs from Huggs xxx :) just going from one bad crew of morons to another .if we thought atos was bad capitas out bid them , from what ive looked up Coughalot theres no difference in both of them . There worse than Sharks feeding on the defenceless .

The best thing is ATOS wanted to leave as soon as their contract was over but George Brown extended their contract? This then meant all the terms had changed and they had to rewrite the request to lose the contract but then the government changed and stated they cannot go until an alternative has been found. So everything went pear shaped. Capita have a lot of fingers in a lot of pies and a master of none! ATOS have got new contracts in London for PIP but were found not to have the centres they claimed to have! Not sure what happened about that? and it goes on?

Do you mean Gordon Brown Offcut? :) x

That's the one shows what an impression he made ;)

Ha ha I didn't always agree with Gordon Brown but I wish Labour had such a passionate leader as him. x

Nothing like a laugh when I can't sleep, George Brown succeeded.

Can you remember the old Tunes cough sweet advert where he asks forward 'drain to dottingham, every time Ed speaks i hear that advert.

Capita administered the Civil Service Pension Scheme for quite a few years until 2014. It is now administered by MyCSP.

Well I rang MyCSP and was told the opposite and given Capita's number! x ,,,, truthfully hear I would say all 3 havnt any idea of what there doing, atos, capitas or MyCSP, ,, but as long as there getting there salarys I really don't think they care a hoot, its a case of im ok jack bugger the claimants ,, sorry ther but that's my view after reading through the cods wallop. reading through that lot it shows there in it for the money not the claimants welfare . personally I think that its a money spinner who ever gets contracts, bit like if you vote for us really, then when we do its thank you but were in now and you voters can swim or sink, were forgotten .just my view though.

I read that report and it states '' According to a Department for Work and Pensions financial review seen by the Guardian, the move will enable "these providers to take over the whole contract" from Atos when its £500 million deal ends in 2015. '' it also states labour wanted them striped of the contract it was them who gave them the bloody contract.

If G4S take over well they were the company who took over the security from the prison to the court and I know for a fact they picked up a load of prisoners from the court which were going out to 3 different prisons and they left one prisoner in the van over night forgot he was in the van. They have also taken over prisons not sure of the names of the prisons but they are the ones without roofs.

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