Forgotten .p.i.p update

As asked once again a week later to phone to see if my form gone over to actos, assessment. Answer they know nothing of it when l phoned them. Phone atos,Seems it did go across in Aug after l sent it in and was sent back in Oct. So why was l not told of outcome. True, second claim, but that does not excuse them not sending me the result. Have not even been given a face to face appointment.

So no further on. Unless u count the fact that the p.I.p section, have agreed l can speak to someone senior about it and they will call me back. Wait for it, can take up to week.

So am l any the wiser, that's a no....and now 28weeks, no face to face, no paperwork, nothing from them unless u count my feedback from the different departments and people.

Am l getting annoyed, l would say Yes big time. Wondering if u can email them, note to self, check out their web page, unless anyone can tell me differently. Phone calls are not cheap so not amused.

Meanwhile, life as l know it goes on.

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  • It seems when they get it wrong they cannot get it any wronger but they do. Time to speak to your MP.

  • I agree with Offcut time to take it further as they are not meeting their customer obligations. Know that will take time but otherwise they will just keep moving you from dept. to dept which in effect buys them more time, and simply leaves you waiting. As long as the case is ongoing you can get backdates on any money if found in your favour. So good luck

  • I had the same problem as you,,so i emailed my MP,he was brilliant, was sorted in a week, and even had a apology of IDS , so do the same,,email him, explain what is going on and ask him to help.....

  • I agree,time to involve your Member of Parliament,Good luck! D.

  • Even seeing their name makes my blood boil!

    Years ago i had the assessment, was truthful are was surprised when I didn't pass. The letter didn't give me much faith in them as the report referred to me as he and his through out the report.

    I waited 16 months for the appeal which lasted minutes. Not only was her gender assignment not good but neither was her maths. They added it up and i was well over what i needed.

    All that time for simple adding up mistake.

  • I really feel for you Atos are a law all on their own its time the law was changed, it might be worth getting in touch with BLF I understand your frustration.

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