Fed up

Amazing I did not expect this kind of response. I would like to thank everyone for replying. It has really cheered me up knowing that I can talk to people in the same situation as myself. To reply to you all would take a long time . From the first reply I have gradually felt better as the day went on. Hope you all have a good nights sleep tonight and I will try as well.

Best wishes marie56

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Hi Marie. There are often people posting or at least watching here at all sorts of hours. Some who sleep badly. Some who are in other time zones around the world. If you have troubles on your mind at silly o'clock it could be worth posting here. There is a fair chance of getting a reply.

Regards Rib

You are quite right Rib ( unfortunately , you won't have me up on the computer during the silly or witching hours! My bed is too comfortable, having a latex mattress!) the most I will do is to listen to Classic FM for 20 minutes during my non sleep.

Morning Marie, Do hope you had a reasonable nights sleep, sleep is so important when you feel poorly,Hope your day goes well,Best wishes. Bulpit

Morning bulpit, but YES had a lovely sleep so hopefully the day gets better too.

Wishing you well Marie and take care. xxxx

Hi Marie, so glad you are a little more cheerful and hope you keep on improving, best wishes barnowl

Great Marie, that's what this site is all about!! Love Kin Xx

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