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Hello everyone just calling in I'm 26 work in concrete cutting since a was 16.October last year just started coughing and it's got worse I've tried cough syrups didn't work oral steroids nothing.inhalers help cough the phelm up,the docter said ive got bad inflimation but it's really getting me down and worried it's serious condition a struggle day to day coughing constantly any help thanks scott.

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Sorry to hear you are having such a rough time Scott. One of my son's does a similar job to you. It's understandable you are worried. Have you had an x-ray? If not I think you should re-visit your GP and explain your concern and tell him you want one. Also ask for a referral to the hospital. I am always trying to persuade my lad to try for a different job, but he loves his work. Is changing your job something you might consider? Wish you all the best.


I really don't want a xray but a suppose il not know wot is the problem so I'm booked back at doctors Thursday guna go have it done.last few days have made me think speaking with family my u can't put a price on my health tbh so when a can get out a will my job is the cause deep down I know but life stops without money thanks very much for your comment :)

Hello Scott

Welcome to the forum, I am sorry to hear your are not feeling so great. When you say you are coughing alot is it a dry cough or is it with lots of mucus ? Do you suffer with any other symptoms ? what inhlaers do you have (make) and do they make any difference at all even short term ?? I am sure it is nothing to worry about if you could answer the above maybe we can understand a little better and offer some advice.

All the best fella


Cheers pal when a cough I cough lots of clear mucus ,I'm on blue and brown inhalers , ventolin, and clinil modolite they help but not for long going back doctors Thursday and go for xray try and find out the problem hopefully all the best to u Justin

Hi Scott

I am sure its nothing serious, Like all the others have suggested its best to have the X-ray just to put your mind at rest and find out what is happening.

Good Luck Scott


Hope so and it's the only way I can find out cheers for the reply pal take care

Hi Scott welcome to our friendly forum hope youve had a good xmas and new year.Do you wear protection over your face ? It may well be time to change careers as any fine dust being inhaled can affect the lungs negatively unfortunately.If your not improving go back to your doctors maybe time for some more tests just to see if alls well etc. Hoping things improve for you keep in touch :) Janexx

Thanks and Yeh it's bin good have a break off work until today lol when a was 16 I never as u meet the older generation on construction sites the penny dropped over the years I do now but maybe damage is done .I'm going back doctors Thursday and going for xray thanks for your comments much appreciated to all Jane thanks

Hello Scott...I would ask you GP if you could have an x-ray to put your mind at rest. :-D

It was something I didn't want to do but I'm going for one Thursday an back to doctors thanks jolyn


You need to discus your concerns with your GP, did you always wear the correct mask.

Concrete produces silica dust, not good for lungs.

When a was a young lad no I regret it maybe it's biting me back many of my friends suffer same kind of symptoms a new job is in order just hard it's all I've known

Hi Scott, welcome to the site, not gonna repeat what others have said but if ur mucus is clear least that's a sign of no infection ( in theory ) try not to worry to much ( easier said then done I know ) but hopefully after ur xray U'll have more answers and hopefully the correct treatment. Keep ur nose and mouth covered with a good face mask if ur back at work, if u smoke stop, not just for now but for future health issues, not easy as most of us here know but well worth it believe me. Keep us informed how u get on. Take care x Sonia xx

Thanks for advice means a lot il pop on let u know how a get thanks again Sonia

I was diagnosed COPD 10 years ago. I am now 67. I smoked for 40 years and gave up on diagnosis. For 20 years I had my own furniture business and I worked in a small back room sanding and planing wood while smoking then finishing with toxic polishes and varnishes. This more than the smoking I feel caused me the most damage to my lungs. My advise is change your job and at your age you will soon recover I guess.

Best of luck.

Thanks for that much appreciated I feel the job is the cause I smoke every blue moon when had a drink so not all time but I'm probably smoking ten a day why at work I will intend to find new work but hard as family support rent bills etc but once one door shuts another opens I suppose thanks again for the advice

Hi Scott two things has your GP had your chest xrayed? 2ndly If he can't give you a difinitive diagnosis Ask to be referred to a Chest Specialist this is your right he can't refuse, your a young man with a long life ahead of you so you need sorting out GP's know a lot about a lot of health problems but they can't be specialists in all fields, this is why we have Specialists in the NHS in all medical fields

Best of luck ! do it sooner rather than later so you get the right treatment

This will help a lot I will take your advice on board thanks junecov

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