Chest infection

Not been well from Wednesday this week DN sed to phone doctors I did he wonted me to go in to hospital or just to she if antibiotics would work my chest is heavy and finding hared to breathe I am cold all time and clami ache all over my temperature was 35.4 this afternoon but my bloods are low at 1.3 I am on warfin and got APS think I will just see how I go on till Monday see if the pills kick in then phone doctor back up I am not coughing any think up or coughing that much no pain at all just feel very un well

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Hi Lesley61. I also started with a cold on Wed, first it was just ahead cold but now coughing and it hurts, chest feels raw and lungs hurt. Like you feeling hot and cold and aching. Just hoping it not a chest infection and will have to wait now until Monday to see a GP. Hope you feel better soon Lesley, Tale care Ruthx

hope you get well soon I been the same as both of you last night was the worse hot and cold all the time hurt all over today I slept and slept could not keep awake you keep warm and look after yourself x

Hope u both feel better soon I have not been coughing got bed head and going to tolet all time just wish it would go away iv only just come out of hospital be four Xmas and need to be well for 16th January I am going away for 4 days

hope you get well soon nice break will be good for you xxxxx

kim p

Keep warm plenty of water, hope your better soon

Kim xxxxx

Hi you need to get a rescue pack from your doctor to use if you become ill at weekends or public holidays. Remember that infection can further damage your lungs so please don't take any chances with them. x

Hi Lesley, sounds like an infection to me, please don't wait to get a/bs steroids into you. Take care. Kin Xx

I am on antibiotics for this I fish them on Monday but don't think they done any think so Farr my tep a bit better today but still finding it hard to breth at time not just when I walk round that's hard then but when I am sat up too x

Sorry Leslie it may become a chest infection. Are you taking vitamins? Also to help combat chest infections try these three things; juicing apples and ginger everyday, and if taking antibiotics don't forget to take yogurt everyday!

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