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Well if that was Christmas roll on the New Year this one was definitely my Annis Horribilus

So sorry to seem to have ditched good friends over the Yule tide another bad flare up still antibiotics and steroids going down the chute seems to be working try and get updated with email have a happy new year everyone hope we all have a better one next year.

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Hi ant , sorry to hear uve been poorly over Christmas, shame our illnesses and flare ups don't come and go as quick as Christmas does, although I love Christmas it's a big build up for one day, and it's all over and done with now for another year :) . Take care ant x Sonia x

Ty Sonia Christmas has to me lost its magic as I grew older

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I love all the decs up but since Santa don't pay for it anymore it's a big expense for 1 day. Oh well I'll still do it next year. X Sonia x

Feel better soon ant and a very Happy New year to you. xxxx

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And to you sassy59

Sorry to hear you have been poorly over Christmas I do hope you will be feeling much better to see in the New Year and have a happy and healthy one.

polly xx

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well I may be seeing it in but not even with my fav tipple as I am on AB's again hope you have a happy one Polly

Hi Ant do hope your feeling much improved very soon! Best wishes for a happy, healthier New year. Suz xx

" Anthony!!! Awe my friend big ((hugs)) christmas and new year ((HUGS)) all rolled into one for you. But!! hopefully Anthony.this new one coming will bring You,:) and everyone a healthier happy one.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!..To you..Megan.."

Hi Ant, sorry to hear you've not been well......insult on top of injury you can't even have a drink...!!!! never mind I'll have one for you. he he any excuse. Wishing you all the best for a healthier NEW YEAR.


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behave your self Peg I am saving up the tipple for later

Sorry you have been unwell Ant & hope you are soon recovered. Sorry you can't celebrate the New Year with a drink but all the same Happy New Year. Love, Margaret xx

Happy New Year ant. You must come to my party - that will cheer you up :d xx

Wishing you a speedy recovery insofar as these things go Ant. I hope the antibiotics get on top of the nasties and kill them first go this time and the steroids help you build yourself up so that you are fit enough to welcome in this New Year.


Happy New Year with better health is my wish for you x

Hi Ant hope you are beginning to recover from your flare up maybe enough to bring in new year later today. Hoping you speedily get back to your old self in the next few days. Happy New year to you and Hope 2015 is a healthier one x

So sorry you have been poorly Ant, never fun and at Christmas just that bit worse! I hope you are soon feeling very much better, and wishing you a Very Happy and Healthy New Year, Xris

sorry to hear that anthony, i hope your better by now, i've not long finished my usual :D steroids antibiotics , think i live on them :)

never mind anthony, get an invite to coughs party :D it'll be like the nuthouse in buckingham palace :D

but seriously i do hope the steroids and antibiotics have worked by now,

best regards my friend jimmy :)

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Hi Jimmy yes they seem par for the course for most of us on this site AB's and steroids one tip my gp gave me stay of the milk as much as possible (coffee or tea OK)

Sorry to hear that Ant, been on ab's and steroids myself all over Christmas, but they did give me the get up and go i had to do!! A very Happy New Year to you! Xx

I'd wondered whether you were alright Ant...keep taking the tablets and take care until you feel well again...and a Happy New Year!

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Thank you Vashti just started my first course of antibiotics for the New Year I trust this will not set a precedent at the moment I feel like the billy goat who lost his manhood. A happy New Year to you and himself hope we all have a better one. :P

well two months gone Christmas and 2 AB's already waited a couple of days (my thinking is they now have to get them into me IV route now and as tradition holds I toast my friends old and new with a glass of O'Grady's cream when you wrote about your first cottage the thing that struck me in comparison to mine was we had no back door opposite the front, now looking back we had a fairy door a part brick removed from the wall exactly opposite the front door granma said this was for the small folk and to keep luck in the cottage.

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