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Hi. My husband had a 4 day stay in hospital before xmas with a chest infection but what a good thing came out of this. On the fourth day I received a phone call to say the Community Respitary team where taking over his care at home. After 7 years of feeling so frightened of this disease,we have now got our own Respitary nurse 364 days a year. One phone call and 30 minutes later they are at the door with nebuliser .They do all his vital signs. We also have a community matron starting this week.They are all over the Country. You can ask your doctor for a referral. It is a frightening disease when you r on your own. Take care

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That must be a relief for you and your husband. Knowing you can get help urgently when required rather than sending for an ambulance has got to be a good thing. Wishing you well. Joyce.

Morning Barst, So glad for you that you are going to get real support at last, after such along time it must be a relief, I don't know what your husbands problem is, but know that any lung condition is really frightening, Don't be afraid to use all the support, it really will make such a difference, Best wishes, Bulpit

He as copd as I have mentioned before his lung function as gone from 19 per to 34 with stopping smoking. So you out there who are struggling with the smoking please try for yourselves in new Take care.

That's brilliant encouragement for people wanting to quit barst, well done to your husband.

The community matron system is excellent, relatively new i think, and there are still differences around the country, but worth everyone asking their GPs about it. Im lucky where i live (Kent) where we have an excellent community team but not everyone is as lucky. Im so glad you have this support.

Hi Barst. As I am not very mobile I receive my care at home. It is wonderful. Because I see the same specialist nurses every time it is possible to build good working relationships. Whether it is just coming and doing routine twice yearly tests, blood gases or physio they know just what parts of my body can work and which parts can't.

I am sure that you will find the domiciliary care to be of great value and support. I know it has worked wonderfully over the years for me.


Hi Barst1950, wasn't that a good Christmas present for you, to know help is just at the end of the telephone. Many people use care in the community nowadays I use them myself in crises times as I live alone, better than being stuck in a hospital bed. Most people get better quicker at home. Hope your Hubby is a lot better today and thank you for the info for others on the site not everyone knows about these things.Enjoy new years eve and wishing you a more relaxed new year now you have proper backup xx

Yes I've been allocated one from 9-5weekdays,no hols. Better than no one,I live on my own.

Proving once more the NHS works when someone comes up with good idea! Not like a bunch of accountants that look at figures only, not what matters to peoples health.

Be Well

great news xxxxxx

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