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Hi all yup some will remember me as dazisnotsogood

Yup am still nocking about and still worse for ware ... anyway hope everyone has had good xmas or as near as

Anyway things are still same if not worse ... But apart from that am ok

On a serious note yup am still coughing up lung tissue or what ever docs choose to say it is

Which brings me to point i have to conceded or agree with docs as could any number of things but both finally agree is lung tissue

Today is talk about scandal of mesothelioma misdiagnosis

mainly misdiagnosed as pneumonia asthma etc shocking really what go's on and with scandal of NHS over load things can only get worse for suffers

Iidb and gov know lung scaring is marked decrease in FEV & PEF are final stages of any asbestos related disease yet gov know this to well also they know most suffers suffer from heart failular before any marked lung scaring fibrosis yet they still rip those of who have history of marked asbestos exposer

mesothelioma like asbestosis is classed as inflammatory and immunity condition that creates the right environment within your body for cells to mutate coexisting with less serious conditions in comparison

Looking at tissue sample i coughed up its easy to see how misdiagnoses can come about

Looking at picture : that is coughed up respiratory epithelium tissue a think its called it could be aspergillus yuk yuk or pneumonia am not to thrilled about or even start of inflammation and mesothelioma as immunity issues and inflamation are and asbestos exposure are all clear makers



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Hi D3nis. Nice to see you posting. Even if the contents are not so good. Happy New Year to you. Rib

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Hi thanks Ribvanrey cheers hope ya had good xmas

Am ok considering was thinking if my condition loto numbers ad do well or at least get £75

Cheers thanks :)

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Hi, Daz, lovely to hear from you. I se you are still fighting your corner and wish you every success. xxx


Hi Toci yer a do my bit have to really a dont want misdiagnosing

Had horrendos last few months with condition antibiotics but am still doing my excersise :)

Cheers thanks


Hello Daz, Lovely to hear from you but sorry you are unwell. I hope you have a Happier 2015. Best Wishes, Margaret

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Hi Scorpiolass cheers am not to bad really .... Let's hope we all have infection free new year

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Hello again Daz - Nice to see an old face back again ;)

Sounds like things have been, and still are a struggle. Hoping for more a bit more peace and health for you in 2015. You take care :) :)


Hi O2trees cheers thanks nice to see ya again :)

I was hoping for better 2014 ... But am hoping 2015 be better good job really a can't hold my breath long tho

Cheers thanks

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Hi Daz. Good to see back with an explosion! Just love that pic.

Sorry you have been so unwell. Took them long enough to agree about the lung tissue.

Hope we hear more from you in 2015.

Cheers and a Happy& Healthy New Year to you and yours.

Sara X

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Hi Butter-fly

Cheers glad you like pic ;) yup I had to force it out of em everything a secret with doctors ... It's like we don't own our own bodies .... anyway that a other story

Hope you doing as well .... yup looking forward to 2015

Cheers thanks

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Hi D3NIS (or Daz as I know you better as) good to have you back but sorry to hear things are not great for you. As always, I do wish you well and hope that something can be done and that the medical profession can maybe learn from what you are going through in order to help others in the future. Good luck to you and keep posting. xxxxxx

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Hi Sassy59 cheers thanks ... Yer I was hoping medical profession would of cured me but sadly not ... So think BLF are guna av to put up with me tad longer BUT hey a don't mined :))

Cheers thanks

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Happy New Year to you. Keep posting. xxx

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Good to see you're posting Daz ! :)


Hi Puffthemagicdragon cheers thanks nice to see you to :)

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Hi daz, good to have u back , sorry ur still struggling but least ur still fighting too. X Sonia xxx

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Hi Sonia1972 cheers thanks

Yer I give my gp's lung doc run for the money .... It's like game of cat and mouse but it's me who gets squatted

That's disease for ya and relatives ... Can't pic em :)

Just have to live with it

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O Daz so good to see you about again, not such good news for you

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Half my post has disappeared ! Again ! What I said was, really good to have you around again and to keep posting x x


Hi Medow cheers and thanks hope ya had good Xmas

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Hi Fibberti as much as I would like to agree I have to disagree .... Unfortunately as much as we would like or not healthunlocked just to be about us and personal preference it not ....

As it's bigger than any of us and rightly so .... When I joined this site was from search on Google as was most informed and relevant to my search query answers I was looking for no mater how un palatable it might of bean at the time

I agree my posts migh not be to everyone's taste BUT I don't ask them to censor there condition's post After all it's a health forum not Facebook


Hi Daz. Good to see you on here again, hope you are going to stick around. I don't find your photos offensive at all. You describe what the content of them are but be honest I can't make them out.at all. The one on this post could be a picture of the sun! All the best for 2015, hope its a good one for you. x

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Hi SusieQs Cheers thanks yer am planning on sticking around ;)

Trust you had good Xmas and your guna have good new year ... Av not been bad really yer am looking forward to new year

As far as pic that is from my bronchial tubes small airways as can't see alveoli like my other pics ... But am getting better microscope with a display my old was turning me into pop eye lol

Or am getting older could even be steriode inhalers

Cheers thanks


Hi Fibberti thanks for reply

It's not sputum it's lung tissue and yes it benefits me a great deal also the science community lucky have a interest even if others don't

Like my other pictures you can see effect of smoking and asbestos and inflammation patterns even down to blood cells mutating in coughed up lung tissue

I under stand it's not to everyone's taste but is mine and is good job there are others who are interested or we would be really up shhh creak with out a paddle then we would all have something to worry about myself included of curse



Glad your back on the scene!! Xx


Hi Kininmonth Cheers thanks :)

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Well well, what a lovely surprise! Warm welcome back from me to you Daz The Fighter.

Consider yourself missed, the forum is all the better now.


Hi Peeg cheers that's so sweet a don't know what to say ;)


Hope ya had good Xmas and your guna have good new year


Hi Daz glad you paid us a visit, not so good to hear things are much the same. Hope you had a good Christmas and maybe a healthier 2015. Enjoy new year as best you can. The picture is stunning till you read what it is. Thank you for the links maybe of help to others new to the site or with a new diagnosis. Hope to see you on here again soon. Keep up the good work of keeping the Government on their toes, see what happens at the next election in respect of medical future for us all.

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Hi Katieoxo60 cheers thanks for warm welcome yup hope trust you had good Xmas yup am quite lucky a forget most horrible stuff now ... Even forget to keep a diary so have to tell lung doc to read my notes

Av had quite event full few months meet few horrible mean doctors and it's session to be jolly an all .... That's like crime that the want to try having what we have eh ... But yer went seen lung doc at hospital anyway parked up was surprised how easy it was to park come out and found security round me car so asked what problem was and I had only parked on junction of hospital car park Ups defo one of them moments

Anyway I duly pointed out I am ill and is this not a hospital is it not .... Then said well there's ya answer and done one

Obv a felt bad but if ya sick ya sick ;)

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Can't make us well can they, so it's time they accepted we are sick don't you think????? Have a good day speak again soon :)

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Welcome back Daz!

I now have heart and lung consultants argueing with each other.

Be Well

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Hi offcuts nice to see ya ;)

Bet you could just give ya doc's a shake really ;) a know I could mine

Yer them antibiotics AZI something I was on nearly killed me twice 1 st was gut inflammation defo not recommended 2nd was heart problems mini stroke

Went gp's and she said come back in week if am no better and there a was holding my head up with both hands and drooling as half my mouth never worked said ya lucky am not dead on ya floor

Horrendous could not even walk had to hold walls with being that dizzy ... Went seen some new temp cons lung doc and she thought it was all funny saying O so you never liked em then

Like really

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beggers belief

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Hi, Daz, so good to see you back, your very informative posts have been sorely missed. Sorry to hear that things not been going so well for you, hopefully you will get some answers and relief soon.

Hope you have a happier and healthier new year, take care,

Christine XXX

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