A Christmas true story

Dear friends,

I am obeying your order to come and say hello before christmas is completely gone!

Christmas Eve. Brigid, my wife, told me first that she was going to go to another church, not mine. Then she turned up. She hadn't been to “the other church”. She wanted to come to mine for the midnight service.

For lung reasons, I didn't want to attend that service, so I made sure I attended in the morning communion. I went to the crib service in the afternoon and made a joyful bashing of the tambourine! Brigid arrived then.

Come 10.30 pm, I decided to go to bed, put the night light in the bedroom for Brigid, and switched place so she wouldn't fall out of bed (which she did last time). Went to sleep.

Much later, she woke me up with a “ I can’t close the door”! I took her key, closed the door smoothly, and gave her her key back, and went to bed thinking nothing of it!

In the morning, I saw she had thrown the fleece she had been wearing on the sofa. I put a bit of order and put the fleece in the cupboard.

Did my regular breathing exercises, had breakfast, and proceeded to wake the bird up, as we were going to go and eat this goose at our friend’s.

Before going, I asked her if she had her key. Couldn’t find it. Searched high and low, nothing, Bother!

Anyway, we went to enjoy the goose. And we went back on Boxing Day for more, a casserole this time and tons of my red cabbage. After 2 lovely days, my friend took Brigid back to her nursing home.

Coming in, I was chilly, I took the fleece from the cupboard … felt for the pockets, both my wife’s keys in there. Phoned the nursing home straight away and her.

Everything’s ended well! Had a lovely Christmas. I am shattered nervously!

Hope you are all OK! Mic

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  • Hi Mic. What a lovely post! Glad you enjoyed your Christmas with Brigid and your friends. I'm not surprised you are shattered though. I hope it wasn't too much for you when caring for your wife. I'll bet she enjoyed the couple of days at home.

    We really spent the day quietly. Well quiet for us, just 4 of us. We used to have the whole family but

    it's not practical anymore. I guess it's like that for a lot of people on the forum.

    Peace and Happiness for the New Year Mic to you and Brigid.

    Sara xxx

  • Oh that sound great mic. You had a good time and really enjoyed yourself and it sounds like your wife did too. Bottoms up! :d x

  • coughalot, I had some Christmas mead, quite a sweet drink. Hundred's of years old!

  • And it was still good after hundreds of years? :d x

  • Yeah! Bwick! :-)

  • Sounds like you had a nice time,lovely for your wife to be able to be with you,i bet she really enjoyed it too All the best for NEW YEAR xx

  • Lovely story,I'm so glad your wife had Xmas with you,I bet she enjoyed that.

    Great,you found those keys!!

    Happy New Year,to you & Bridget,


  • The more hugs, the more body heat, great! Hugs in return!

  • Sounds like you had some challenges Mic but coped brilliantly. So glad you had a lovely time and were able to spend it with your wife.

    Love to both of you :) :)

  • glad you enjoyed your christmas with your wife michael, and at least you found the keys :) it sounds like you've had a hectic time, never mind "alls well that ends well " :)

    have a great 2015 jimmy :)

  • I take it all in my stride. Before the new year comes a jolly cold spell. Two duvets and a hat and scarf for the night.

    Hope the new year is good for your Jimmy, free of that pain.

  • thanks michael, really cold here tonight, in fact it really is frrreezing , plenty covers here micheal, heating full on ,, jimmy :)

    p,s keep well and keep warm jimmy :)

  • Thank you. The piercing cold is another challenge. Two duvets and a hat!

  • Hi Mic, everything seems to have turned out well and thank goodness you found the keys. It is lovely to spend special times with loved ones. You stay well. Thinking of you. xxx

  • So happy that you were able to spend time with your wife at Christmas, Mic.

  • She is very dear to me, even if she acts like a child sometimes!

    I would marry her all over again!

  • och thats really lovely michael, so glad you both enjoyed yourselves , kindest wishes jimmy :)

  • You too jimmy!

  • Yes ,I wish you hope health n happiness for new year. Enjoy life as usual,I am I stay in out the way I feel better when I'm warm. Having a good time.

  • Colour, warm any time for me too!

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