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Christmas in the Morrison Shelter

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Younger readers may not know that a wartime Morrison Shelter was a big metal box about 2 or 3 feet tall, designed for people who could not have an Anderson Shelter in their garden. Ours was in our front room and four of us slept in there, my mother, my two brothers and me. My father slept upstairs in my elder brother's room. I asked my mother what daddy would do if the bombs started falling. She replied that, if the siren went off, he would come down and join us in the shelter. That satisfied me. One memorable Christmas I woke up and saw that Father Christmas had left me a beautiful new doll's pram with a lovely new dolly in it. I was so thrilled I jumped up to go and look at them and- BANG- all I saw for the next few seconds were stars. Never jump up in a Morrison Shelter.

The doll's pram was actually a child's push chair, which my father had lovingly converted and the bedding was my mother's handiwork. The top cover was made of a beautiful piece of black and white fur. I loved stroking it. I did not realise some poor bunny must have laid down its life to provide it. I cannot remember which of my dolls came to me that Christmas, arrayed in a shiny dress of my mother's making. It may have been my china doll, Belinda. I was a careful child and Belinda is still with us. My daughter thinks she and her friends are much better then modern plastic dolls, because they feel more lifelike. Not that Sue ever played with dolls- she liked boys' toys and craft things much better.

Happy Christmas everyone and all your furry friends. I'm sure you won't be jumping up in confined spaces. xxxx

10 Replies
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Ouch! What amazing memories though Alberta. I had a China doll too years ago. No idea what happened to her.

Have a good Christmas and happy new year. Xxx

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amazing memories alberta56. I bet it hurt jumping up like that. I’ve been watching the repair shop recently where there’s been some ancient dolls in need of repair. I’ve struggled to find what I class as a nice doll that’s not overly expensive for one of our 1 year old granddaughters who’s obsessed with babies as she calls them. Have a lovely Christmas xx

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Alberta56 in reply to watergazer

Modern dolls are too clever by half in my opinion. I just wanted a doll to cuddle and occasionally dress. I wish they could make modern dolls a little weightier, so that they felt more like a real baby.

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watergazer in reply to Alberta56

one of my granddaughters- age 7- has a nursery of dolls🤣. Some are actually newborn baby weight. Her new one this Christmas is from the reborn collection where they actually look and maybe feel like a newborn. Bit costly though. X

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I felt your pain whe you jumped up in the Morrison shelter! Lovely memories of your childhood. I had a china doll too, but I’ve no idea what happened to her.

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Years ago we went to Eden Camp museum and there were Morrison shelters on display there.

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What a beautiful memory. Thanks for sharing. Xx Moy

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I cant imagine sleeping in one of those cages, it would give me the heebie jeebies. I was never into dolls but one of my sisters had a china doll for years. I bought my daughter a doll one christmas and it was so lifelike it felt real, even the weight was real, she loved it. Have a Happy Christmas Alberta56 x

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Alberta56 in reply to Izb1

Happy Christmas to you too. Nice to know you can get dolls which feel lifelike. xxx

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Thank you for sharing your memories. Your homemade gifts meant so much to you. Nowadays it’s all too commercial. Have a great Christmas x

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