My apologies if this has been posted already....

Three little Wise Men in their school Nativity:

1st little lad: " I have brought a present of Gold for the Baby Jesus."

2nd little lad: " I have brought a present of Myrrh for the Baby Jesus."

3rd little lad, confused: " Frank sent this."

My Best Wishes to you all for a healthy and peaceful New Year, Bernie.

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what the kids say bernie :D , unconscious comedians :D love it,, jimmy :)

Ahh bless his little cottons,bought a smile to my face thank-you Bernie.Wishing you a very happy healthy and peaceful time over the holidays into 2015. :) Janexx

Love it , so innocent but funny , merry christmas to u. X Sonia x

Very funny, I've not heard that one before. Don't you just love what kids say?

Have a great Christmas XX

Made us giggle here.

polly xx

Never heard that one! That's gold xxx

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