Father Christmas

I'm surprised that some killjoy or other hasn't managed to put a bill through Parliament yet, banning all Santa's helpers from appearing in shopping malls and the like? After all, a man with long hair who dresses oddly and likes to have children sitting on his lap - what's that all about? I recall a monster in the guise of a dogooder who did just that and opened a can of worms that are still wriggling!

Let's hope that the one thing that the over righteous will never have a say in is our traditional Christmas.

It's the one time of the year when our children can still feel the magic. Santa is just a lovely kind man who gives gifts and laughs a lot, and for once yes, you can talk to a man that you don't know, because basically, everybody does know him and he helps us remember the happy days from our childhood to present.

A very Merry Christmas to those who still believe.

Luv'n'stuff from Nikki XX

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  • Oh I do Nikki having worked with nursery children for 33years until I'll health retirement i really enjoyed Chrismas ,the innocence of a child is a wonderful thing

    Love Dorothy xxx

  • Hi Nikki. I'm 71 and I still believe. I'm just hoping the old duffer remembers my train set this year. I've been waiting since 1952.

    Bobby xxx

  • Poor Bobby , you should be a good boy !

    Have a lovely Christmas


  • Ahhh Bless! I hope you get what you wish for Bobby. I know how you feel. I've been waiting even longer than that for a wig with very long pigtails that I saw in a silly magazine when I was a little girl. It cost 10/6 (quite a bit at that time) and my Mother refused to get it for me. I can't imagine now why on earth I wanted it for in the first place because I always had long hair - still have come to that! What is it that they say? "Be careful what you wish for." Lol

    Happy Christmas. xx

  • Santa is real for as long as we all believe in him, I've been doing that longer than you Bobby! I've been really good this year and I want a new radio, not one of those digital things cos I'm in a bad signal area, not a boom-box cos I don't like the look of them, just a little one I can carry round from room to room. I've got the hi-fi in living room - had a brill idea today and put Classic FM on Sky telly and streamed it to kitchen - it's a nano-second different though. Ah well, back to the drawing-board.

  • He's real, coming to visit us all tomorrow!! Xx

  • Yay!!!! Can't wait, I've been a good girl - I think? lol. XX

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