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Father Christmas

I'm surprised that some killjoy or other hasn't managed to put a bill through Parliament yet, banning all Santa's helpers from appearing in shopping malls and the like? After all, a man with long hair who dresses oddly and likes to have children sitting on his lap - what's that all about? I recall a monster in the guise of a dogooder who did just that and opened a can of worms that are still wriggling!

Let's hope that the one thing that the over righteous will never have a say in is our traditional Christmas.

It's the one time of the year when our children can still feel the magic. Santa is just a lovely kind man who gives gifts and laughs a lot, and for once yes, you can talk to a man that you don't know, because basically, everybody does know him and he helps us remember the happy days from our childhood to present.

A very Merry Christmas to those who still believe.

Luv'n'stuff from Nikki XX

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Oh I do Nikki having worked with nursery children for 33years until I'll health retirement i really enjoyed Chrismas ,the innocence of a child is a wonderful thing

Love Dorothy xxx


Hi Nikki. I'm 71 and I still believe. I'm just hoping the old duffer remembers my train set this year. I've been waiting since 1952.

Bobby xxx


Poor Bobby , you should be a good boy !

Have a lovely Christmas



Ahhh Bless! I hope you get what you wish for Bobby. I know how you feel. I've been waiting even longer than that for a wig with very long pigtails that I saw in a silly magazine when I was a little girl. It cost 10/6 (quite a bit at that time) and my Mother refused to get it for me. I can't imagine now why on earth I wanted it for in the first place because I always had long hair - still have come to that! What is it that they say? "Be careful what you wish for." Lol

Happy Christmas. xx


Santa is real for as long as we all believe in him, I've been doing that longer than you Bobby! I've been really good this year and I want a new radio, not one of those digital things cos I'm in a bad signal area, not a boom-box cos I don't like the look of them, just a little one I can carry round from room to room. I've got the hi-fi in living room - had a brill idea today and put Classic FM on Sky telly and streamed it to kitchen - it's a nano-second different though. Ah well, back to the drawing-board.


He's real, coming to visit us all tomorrow!! Xx


Yay!!!! Can't wait, I've been a good girl - I think? lol. XX


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