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In case you were asleep?

Well today was my I do not have to get up early days as the wife is on a late so will not leave until 11:00! I do not sleep that well at the best of times, but if It is a day I can go though without the alarm waking me at stupid o'clock as I am asleep great!

Well at stupid o'clock I got a nudge in the back awaking me. For the OH to Say "It's Stupid o'clock.........You do not have to get up!" So the reply was something like "So why did you wake me?" I have a feeling it was a little longer than that ;)

Maybe when I wake at 03:00 I should ask her if she was asleep? but marriage is give and take after all. I will just have to keep taking it ;)

Be Well

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Oh dear I know what your saying my old man has to leave the house very early and he is like a baby elephant '' for better or worse '' at our age it is most worse


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