Too many infections too many antibiotics too many side effects and not improving so I started looking at anything complimentary to regular treatment. Have started taking a Chinese herbal.. A combination of several herbs and seem to be improving at a rate of knots.. No it's not a placebo

It is called ding chuan tang

I looked up each herb in this formulae and was amazed.. Worth researching. I just can't imagine I didn't think of this sooner

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  • The problem with most people today is that the Pharmaceutical industry have managed to convince people that their way is the original way when all they do is find an ingredient in nature and copy it.

    Its only when you research these things that you realise there are many different ways to cure your ills except laziness seems to get in the way they would rather watch TV or go on Facebook than study about their own health.

    People would rather take an antibiotic which will destroy the balance of bacteria in their gut rather than use Iodine which is more powerful than anything the pharmaceuticals could ever come up with or say take stinging nettle or dandelion to resolve their anaemia problems (whenever you use a herb always test it on your skin first as some could be allergic to it)

    Carbide massaged into the souls of the feet is great for lung problems as well

  • Lovely to hear your opinion. I am a homeopath.. Have been alternative forever but the root cause was so hard to find.. At the moment I am asking my lungs what is the grief you are hanging on to.. Not for the first time but after several years of serious illness I am so very different.. Much more aware much quieter.. All part of my growth.. A gift really

  • I am very much of the same mind about antibiotics etc and am trying herbal and homeopathic remedies. Did you visit a Chinese Herbalist or did you research this yourself?

  • I pooped into a herbalist in China town in Brisbane but now I am doing my own much info available.what does your hubby have

  • It's me. I have Bronchiectasis and Osteoarthritis. I find I get awful side effects from inhalers and Antibiotics. Trying to take as little as possible and look at alternatives and ways of boosting my immune system to stay healthy

  • This looks really interesting - where do you buy it from? I have put my husband on a a whole host of alternatives which seem (cross fingers) to be helpful but the details on this product look very good. I think it has to be a must! Thanks TAD xx

  • You can go to any chinese herbalist or order it on the net

  • When I was first diagnosed with CM Leukeamia I tried Chinese herbal drugs they helped enormously with tha Anxiety, sleeping and eating alongside mainstream medicine .

    So I say carry on as long as you GP knows who cares if it's helping you Good Luck and Merry Xmas to you

  • Hi, that sounds brilliant, I hope you continue to improve. I might try it myself, as I am the same as you with the infections, antibiotics and steroids, and the ensuing side effects. Can I ask where you got it from, and was it expensive?

    Wishing you well, and hope you have a very happy Christmas.


  • Hi saras so glad you are finding something alternative is helping you. I'm very interested in finding out more. Could you give me an idea of what the herbs are in the mixture and how you take them (i.e. as a tea?) In what way have they helped your symptoms? Where I live, there are lots of Chinese herbalists around but I have had some dodgy treatments from them in the past and hesitate now when thinking about approaching these shops. They usually push their other wares upon me to purchase too. But if I could find a really sincere one and a genuine treatment then I would be more than willing to try it. I know a good herbal store (most famous one in the UK) on the Walworth Road in SE London. Just don't know what helps the lungs. Your advice would be appreciated. Many thanks. Stillmovin1

  • Hi Stillmovin1

    Do you know the name of the good herbal store in Walworth Rd, because I know there are quite a few herbal stores on that road. Thanks

  • Hello EmAitch, the store is the famous Baldwins at 173 Walworth Road, Elephant & Castle, London SE17. Tel no. 02077035550

    It's a very old traditional English herbal remedy shop (quite pricey) which has existed since 1870 -something. The website shows lots of info.

    It is a lot different to the Chinese style herbal remedy shops which are springing up on every high street today, and I find that a bit reassuring somehow. Please don't ask me why, I just think it seems more authentic in its approach to clients. As I said, it is a bit pricey.

    All the best, stillmovin1

  • The name I wrote is the combination traditionally given for lung stuff. Not a trade name so you just ask for a bottle of those. They are small balls. Terribly easy to take

  • if i take this, would it affect all the other medication i take?

  • Yes it could do! You should check it with your doctor. Some herbal remedies are very strong and can react with your regular medications.

  • The herbalist said not but I suppose you just try and see. You'll soon know

  • Hi everyone,

    I don't want to be the Grinch at Christmas but as Jinni73 wrote, unfortunately for me herbal or natural products would have the reverse effect for me, so for now and the previous 25 years I'm afraid that antibiotic's, steroids, inhalers nebulisers etc. have to be my alternatives instead. They enable me to live and that's what is important to me.

    Sometimes it's not 'laziness' or 'Facebook' that stops people trying alternative solutions to look after their own health but the fact that they do know what does help.

    Sorry Jinni73 I'm not getting at you personally but when people post information and advice lets keep an open mind about all the medication and remedies that could be beneficial and help us to stay as active and healthy as our circumstances permit us to be.

    Keep warm and snug. I'm now off to give myself a right talking to and remind myself to smile (my little granddaughter tells me to when I look sad or just plain tired) I wish everybody the seasons greeting and may the new year bring mild weather.


  • has anyone tried the tibetanherbs, I have been tempted to try them,I am fed up with steroids and antibiotics,At the moment am feeling really down and depressed,Fed up with all the coughing and breathlessness,Beeb to drs this morming another lot of steroids,Least it might put me right for Christmas at my Daughters,I wish everyone a very happy Christmas.

  • Hi Spanial, I look after my husband who is really struggling with depression and every little thing that goes wrong is SUCH a big deal at the moment, you are not alone. He has to do a lung function test at the Royal Brompton on 2nd Jan because he could not do it in October when we were there, due to infection so I guess this is playing on his mind too. I think its a bad time for everyone living with this condition who has it or cares for someone who has it. Roll on the spring!


  • Hi feline, very sorry to hear your poor husband is struggling with his illness and depression. Unfortunately, the two go together in many cases and he has to not give up hope. You mentioned Royal Brompton hosp. Is this the one in Sydney Street, London SW3? I have been reading up on their Singing for Breathing workshops they run there for people with respiratory illnesses. Perhaps your husband could be referred to them? They are an alternative to the more physical pulmonary rehabilitation exercises that some people (such as myself) are unable to manage. I heard about them from the BLF advisor and am looking in to going there myself. It helps if you already are a patient receiving treatment at the RBrompton Hosp.

    Best regards,


  • Hi Stillmovin, thank you for your reply. He's a little better this morning but as you know it changes so quickly, the trouble is I still work full time and its very quiet where we live so he has a lot of time alone to dwell on how much his life has changed. And yes it is Sydney street, he has to go back again to see the consultant on the 8th and stay over for a sleep study and its a 3 hour round trip for us, so lots for him to contend with at present. Maybe some rehab in the new year when we know what's what, onwards and upwards. xx

  • If you never ever go you'll never never know as they say. What doesn't help is wondering and these traditional cues have long been available is ancient practice is well worth a try.

  • hi feline I am like that at the moment the least little thing and I am blubbing,This weather doesn't help,have to have a op on my spine should have had it last Wednesday but had to delay it because of my chest,If I delay it till the better weather I will have to go back to the drs and start all over again.have a good Christmas anyway.

  • Thank you, and the same to you. I hope you get your op sooner than later and here's hoping 2015 will bring better health for all. x

  • thanks feline same to you have a good one x

  • Thanks for that and will look into it. Try Manuka Honey from NZ. Expensive if you buy the genuine thing but effective. I am so desperate I use everything Ian get my hands on.

  • Dear Saras, I think you are spot on. Recently been diagnosed with severe COPD but the medication prescribed by the consultant is the latest for COPD but far from helping the breathlessness it also gives me blinding headaches, so I have stopped taking it and just use the salmol breath easy.

    I have started a course of Echinacea (a natural antibiotic in tincture form) and feel that the way forward (for me anyway) is natural remedies.

    I have heard that Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy really helps, has anyone had this or know of a therapist please?

    Also, have bought a nutribullet, what a great way to get your salad and 5 a day down you, not very good at chewing veg and salad, fully recommend.

    Good luck all you guys who seek another route to better health.


  • Can you tell me where on-line I can buy this product please. Thank you

  • Do you mean the Echinacea? or the nutrabullet?


  • Sorry - the question was for Saras about the ding chuan tang. Regards

  • Can you tell me where on-line I can find this please. Thank you

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