I got a Scarf, Hat, Balaclava,face mask and BAG?

Went to my local store yesterday. I think it is owned by a brother and sister, who are called Al and Di but I might be wrong? I was hoping it was the final round of Xmas shopping? They have at times all sorts of stuff on short offers and I wobble up and down thinking of the many uses I will never probably use some of the kit for, but would still like to fill my shed with. But my voice of reason (Wife) very often puts it back on the shelf for me ;)

Well hidden away was a row of boxes with a group of pictures which really took my eye. It was a multi use hat in sensible colours (I am getting old) All for £4.99. I am not kidding you, had to have it and take it home! Even the voice of reason could see it being a benefit.

Back home shopping dispatched to the correct shelves etc. Time to open my new fashion accessory. I put it right over the head and it was a scarf and very warm too, slide it up over the mouth and ears and I have the face mask I need for the biting wind and still be able to breath. No stopping me now pull the back over the head and I have a balaclava! Will not say what my wife said I looked like at at point, Tighten the toggles and was ready for a bank job! Pull up a bit more it was a blind fold not sure what use that has? Maybe for the bank job? Mind running riot with what I could get this to do, I could see it on BatMan's utility belt? I then tried the top of the head styles and I need some practice on them it states it can look like a Beany hat? I looked like I had a floppy felt policeman's hat on. Undeterred I pulled it up and about and I had a chefs hat! a bit more fiddling and I was an extra for Les Miserable, up and swept back I was in the foreign legion.

Getting my head back to reality I find it can even be used as a BAG (shown on the box) all that is needed is the toggles tightened and goods fed into the neck! Now I need another to keep me warm?

So I have now found a way to beat the Wind (Weather) and found ways of keeping my brain active designing uses other than those it was designed for.

I enjoyed the result of my shopping trip this time. :)

Be Well

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  • Didn't know someone could have so much fun with a snood, might get my hubby one see if it keeps him occupied on Xmas day lol. X Sonia x

  • I was back in the discovery box when I was young! Oh So long ago :)

  • How creative! I so hope my husband does not find such a thing!!!! lots of love TAD xx

  • We like our toys

  • LOL ;) :D

  • Ha ha ha Offcut enjoy! Will look out for you on Crime Watch :d x

  • I will be the one walking away with occasional rests ;)

  • I just love finds like that :D

  • Me Too!

  • Sounds a useful item Offcut and fun too, have to try one myself, who knows might get a bargain one in the January sales.

  • they have them on their web site

  • www.alanddi?

  • Hahaha :-D

  • Ok thanks for that

  • A new occupational health device for £4.99 and you get to wear it as well.

    I call that a marvellous Christmas treat to one's self.

    Love Dozy x

  • I even made a swan out of it. Well more like a duck ;)

  • Oh dear,I had to laugh with you,sounds like you've had Xmas already! Wonderful description!

    Happy Xmas,& here's to a better New Year,

    With all good wishes,to you & your family xx

  • And the same to you.

  • Can we have a photo? that was very entertaining reading. why is it the most comfortable winter hats don't always look the best? but does it matter, no it doesn't. No one takes any notice when the wind is biting cold and more fool those who let pride get in the way of comfort. One of the benefits of getting older is being less afraid of looking silly. do hope you'll wear it! Iris x

  • My problem is I have never worried about looking silly.

  • Well, yes, you're a man aren't you - it's we women who for years sacrifice comfort for looks, but not any more! wish we had an aldi nearby, looks very cosy.

  • Thank you for your most enlightening post. I shall be hot footing it up to Aldi at the earliest opportunity. (When I can persuade my voice of reason Husband to take me)

    I have collection of gadgets that I don't know how to use. Including a sunrise clock with nature sounds that I can't get to tell the time or correct date, as the instructions are barely big enough for an elf to read.

  • good time to see santa then so his elf can read it for you ;)

  • Now off to Aldi to see if there are any balaclava and a hoodie.

  • Azure sky, I think you ought to ask the "voice of reason" to help you. I have such a clock without the sounds of nature. There is one button on mind to skip from menu to menu, then you press the + or - button to adjust, say teh time! Have a go, the result is great fun! Happy christmas to you and the voice of reason!

  • I fixed the sunrise clock after looking it up online. I got couple of clocks for Christmas. One a radio controlled wall clock that gives date time and temperature. Also a weather clock that tells temperature and humidity, had to take it to the shop for setting. The man had a struggle with it too.

    Regarding the hoodie, we bought one but it was rather tight for us both. When our boy came to visit he thought it was wonderful. He said he sleeps with a scarf on at night. We gave it to him and he was delighted.

  • Sounds spot on Offcut ! I think someone posted a link to one on the last conversation we had here about snoods etc. Could you tell us what it's called please ?

  • I have called mine Eric! but here is a link to what it looks like aldi.co.uk/en/specialbuys/t...

  • Thank you - and don't you look handsome :) I think you should write to them and point out the seventh option i.e., the duck. I'm off to visit our Al and Di to see if there are any left.

  • Hahahaha! This is very imaginative. "May I introduce you to Eric! It's my new tube!"

  • Argana, various names: snood, tube, buff; I bought 2 (different quality) from Amazon. They are amazing against the bracing wind. When it's cold, you can wear it in bed too, wrapped round the neck and pulled over the head, all at once! Great fun in front of the mirror too! ( I know! YOu look so funny!_

  • Hahahaha!!! No end to your talent Offcut... Hahaha!!! Soooooo funny.... hahahaha! can still picture it in me head... hahahaha! ......

  • Sounds like great fun but don't go putting it on back to front now like you did with your head recently! Have a great Christmas Offcut and family. xxx

  • Apparently it is ambidextrous so got it covered!

  • :) :) xx

  • Nice one Offcut! Xx

  • MMmm...I think we need a picture of this versatile hat!

  • Sesbo, Your doggie wants it too!

  • you know what 'they' say...simple things, please simple minds...but that's a bit rude so I won't say it after all!

  • Vashti, I thought I so your dog prick it's ears when you said that about simple people. Have a good Christmas, Mic

  • I work outside and love my snood. Why didn't I invent it though :)

  • You have to much time on your hands Offcut little things please little minds lol

  • so true

  • I nearly hd an asthma attack with laughter particularly as I looked at the wonderful descriptions of the many uses. Right hand side read "send one to a friend"!! I don't thinkI would have many friends left! Thanks for a few good minutes especially as I was in Aldi this morning.

  • It is so warm though.

  • Offcut, May I commend you for your buy. This is really useful. Best presents are those we offer to oneself! enjoy it in the coming wind! Happy christmas to you and "the voice of reason"!

  • And the same to you and yours

  • HAAAAAAHAAA! What a good laugh! I love the Beanie and the Balaclava look! You could be arrested! Or yes, indeed, the French Foreign Legion would be happy to have you! You certainly made me smile this evening!

    (Good idea for the cold weather, though...it has to be said).


  • if it helps me get out in the cold, that is all I want.

  • Brilliant, thank you for the chuckle! Xris

  • NP

  • Think I'd have to turn up my oxygen if I'd been watching you with your hat Offcut!. You are so funny! You must go to the same nursery school as me.

    Happy holidays

    Sara xx

  • And you

  • Bought two - thanks for the heads up. x

  • I have a photo of me in the hoodie, not sure how to or where to post it! The son is very happy with it and sleeps in it.

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