Oxygen and very dry windpipe

Due to an infection and low sats, my oxygen has been put up to 24 hrs and also increased from 2 lpm to 3 lpm. When this hashappened in hospitaĺ they have fed the oxygen through a bottlè of water. Does anyone know if there is a similar device available for home oxygen contratos? It is bad enough feeling as ill as I do without this extra discomfort.

thanks Maggie

2 Replies

  • In hospital I had a mask to breathe through. At home I have a nasal cannula. The nasal cannula does not dry the throat out but may dry the nostrils. Are you using a mask or cannula at home?

  • 3 lpm is nothing to worry about, I have 15 lpm and use cannula and a mask at night without any moisturisation.

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