Hi, Huggs here, with a huge thank you to you all xxxx

Hi, Huggs here, with a huge thank you to you all xxxx

Hi everyone,

I would like to say a great big enormous thank you to you all who sent me lovely messages and kind words, after Tigger posted about what had happened to me. You have no idea how much it meant, and I send you my heartfelt and warmest wishes to you all. I am so proud and pleased to be part of such a caring and supportive forum. You are all special people, and most of you are sicker than me, but you still found the time and cared enough to support me. Thanks again.

What happened to me was nowhere as bad as what has happened to Wen, but it is a bit ironic it happening around the same time. You have to laugh really. lol

As for me, I have seen a consultant at the stroke unit on the mainland who is sending me for two different types of scans. One is an MRI of my (alleged lol) brain, and the other of the blood vessels in my neck. I forgot to ask what type of scan that would be, as he said they are different.

I am mainly fine, just a bit up and down and flag quickly, so take frequent rests.

The good news is that Wen is now home, so its all looking good.

Hope you all are as well as can be, and I will be catching up with what has been going on although I have had the odd gander around.

Take care everyone,

sending you all lots of love and special bear hugs too. !

Huggs xxxxxxx

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  • " Huggs!! its so good knowing your back on the road to your recovery, just pace yourself and take it a day at a time... Big (((hugs))) for you Huggs... Megan."

  • Hi Megan,

    Thank you very much for your good wishes, and you look after yourself too. Its pretty cold now up here, snow, sleet, hail and wind, so hope its a bit warmer where you are. Keep nice and warm and take care of yourself too.

    hugs from Huggs xxx

  • Welcome back. It's rather quiet without you. Don't go rushing things. In my cupboard of hugs and cuddles for special people there is one with your name on it. It is a full on enveloping cuddle wrapped in the softest get well blanket in the whole world. Given to you with love from

    Dozy :) xxx

  • Aww Dozy, what a lovely welcome back, and thank you also for your kind words in Tigger's post as well. You have a lovely way with words, but really don't know what you mean when you say its quiet without me, really don't have a clue, no really, really don't. :) :)

    I am taking it easy, because typing makes me tired too! I suppose if I learned to do short, it would be easier. lol

    You take good care of yourself too, and keep nice and warm. I may not be posting as frequently, just have to see how it goes.

    love and hugs,

    Huggs xxxx

  • Glad to hear from you - best of luck with the scans. Take it easy love, give yourself time, with so much love and kind thoughts xxx

  • Hi Tad,

    Thank you for your kind words and good wishes, as they are really much appreciated. I am taking it a bit easy for now, but will post when I can. I will certainly let you know about the scans, but don't have a date yet, but suppose to be within the next two weeks. We'll see.

    lots of love and hugs to you and hubby, and hope is keeping wellish, or even better than that.

    Huggs xxxxx

  • Whoop Huggs is back :) , take it slowly, but so glad, it's not the same without you. X Sonia x

  • Hi Sonia,

    Thanks for your good wishes and kind thoughts. I am relieved to be 'allowed' to post again. :) I think now is a good time to let everyone know that it was you and Mandy who ' banned ' me from posting for my own good. lol Thank you for looking after me, but you are a pair of scallywags!! Ganging up on me like that. lol

    You take good care of yourself now too, and Hunky too of course.

    lots of love and hugs,

    Huggs xxxxx

  • Lmao, thanks Huggs or MB, hope ur taking it easy or me and sis ( us scallywags) will have to ban u again lmao keep safe up there and take care BB2 & Hunky. Xxxxxxx❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Great to see you back,just take it slowly,and gently.

  • Hi Red,

    Thank you very much, for your good wishes, and welcome back. I do feel a bit of an idiot, as it seems so minor compared with what everyone else has to put up with.

    You take care, and keep warm in this terrible weather.

    lots of love and hugs,

    Huggs xxxx

  • Welcome back Huggs, you have been missed, so pleased you are getting good care and are recovering. Many hugs and all best wishes, Xris x

  • Hi Xris,

    Thank you so much for the welcome back, and yes I am getting good care, but must admit to feeling its not much, when I know what others are and have gone through.

    I may not be posting as frequently, but will just go with the flow for a while.

    You take good care too,

    lots of love and hugs,

    Huggs xxxx

  • lovely to see you back lass and good luck for xmas eve :)

  • Hi eyes,

    Thanks for the welcome back. I am not sure yet if the procedure on Christmas Eve is to go ahead or not. Hopefully I will hear this week, but the stroke consultant said he was happy for it to be done.

    I may not post as much for a while, but will wait and see how it goes from day to day. I am fine, just tire very easily. As I said elsewhere, if I could learn to do short, then it would be easier. lol Hope you are well, loads of good photo opportunities up here at the mo, with the winter weather.

    You take good care of yourself too,

    lots of love and hugs,

    Huggs xxxxx

  • Hi Huggs good to see you about again does seem strange having not seen you.Please take things easy.

    My mum had an angiogram for the arteries in her neck especially looking at her carotid ,it has to be fairly blocked before they do surgery something like 90-95%.The surgery is very successful.My mum wasnt that blocked so they put her on extra blood thinners as she too had had a couple of Tia's. Having said that Im talking about 10 yrs ago things may well be different now with other options available.My mum didnt have anymore Tia's so that was good.You and Wendell are a right pair for sure,how fantastic that she is now home,she has obviously worked her little socks off. Sending healing blessings to you Huggs. :) Janexx

  • Hi Jane,

    Thank you so much for your lovely message of support on tigger's post and for your lovely welcome and informative message on this post.

    I have no date for the scans, but it is meant to be within the next two weeks. Thanks for telling me of your mum's experiences, and I was a bit concerned it was to be an angiogram type of scan, but Wen was saying it is more likely to be a CT scan, but I didn't think they showed up blood vessels, but maybe they do. I will be in touch with the stroke unit tomorrow to find out, as I do like to know all about what involves me, so I can prepare myself if necessary.

    I know, what a coincidence me and Wen having the same type of problem, although Wen has had such a tough time, and much worse than I have. She has done brilliantly though.

    Its great to see you posting again Jane, and so pleased that you are in a good place right now, so please stay there, please? :) :)

    Take good care of yourself,

    lots of love and hugs,

    Huggs xxxxxxxx

  • Well done Huggs. Whether if is a TIA or a full on stroke it still can take a dose of sheer cussedness to fight back. I am not surprised to see you've bounce so soon.

    [[[ hugs ]]] Rib

  • Hi Rib,

    Thank you so much for your lovely messages and support. I do feel like a bit of a fraud as it is nothing to what you and Wen and others have unfortunately gone through. You two are an inspiration to anyone in this position and I am sure Wen will be in touch with you. Hopefully treatment will prevent me from further episodes.

    I have been told by my GP that I am too stubborn for my own good, but she says it is also a good thing. You just have to be, or you go under, and I am not going under, that's for sure. lol

    I may not post as frequently yet, but wanted to make sure you all knew I was okay, and that I appreciate all the messages.

    You take good care too Rib, look after yourself.

    lots of love and hugs,

    Huggs xxxx

  • Great to have you back Huggs ! :)

  • Hi Puff,

    Thanks for that, and your support. Its very much appreciated.

    Hope you are doing okay?

    Take care,

    lots of love and hugs,

    Huggs xxx

  • Glad you're feeling better Huggs !

  • Hi Argana,

    Thank you so much for your good wishes. How are you doing? I am not up to date yet, with what is happening over the past weeks with everyone, as I haven't been online that much, apart from updating about Wen. Will have a look at your posts and see what you have been up to. I think you were going inside for oxygen assessment or something.? Sorry if I have mixed you up with someone else. I will try and catch up later.

    You take good care, and look after yourself.

    lots of love and hugs,

    Huggs xxxx

  • Great to see you back!

    Be WEll

  • Hi Offcut,

    Thanks so much for that, and I will certainly do my best. :)

    You keep well too, and take good care.

    love and hugs,

    Huggs xxxx

  • I missed my hugs :)

  • Hi again Offcut,

    aww, cannot have that, can we now?

    Let me see what I can do about that.......okay extra hugs coming your way now.


    You take good care,

    hugs ( extra ginormous ones) for today, from Huggs xxx

  • you just cant help yourself can you lady

    even posting to let people know your ok you had to keep an eye on wen.....ha ha ha but thats why we love you x mb

  • Hi Mandy,

    Thank you for ' banning ' me from posting for my own good along with Sonia !! You are a pair of scallywags, and you are especially. Imagining threatening me with all kinds of posts unless I did as I was told. lol Seriously, thank you for your concern, and making sure I did what I was told.

    Off course I am keeping an eye on Wen, just as she is on me. lol She is an inspiration to anyone who has had a full blown stroke or serious condition.

    You take good care too, and look after yourself. I mean it.

    lots of love and hugs,

    Huggs xxx

  • Hi, Huggs. I was sorry to hear about your TIAs. I had 2 tiny ones more than 10 years ago. I called them nano-strokes as mini-strokes seemed like a bit of an exaggeration. A scan showed that my right carotid artery was 65% blocked. It also turned out that my BP (previously always fine) was raised and I had high cholesterol. I was quite pleased - at least I hadn't gone straight to a major stroke so I'd had a warning. I immediately stopped smoking (after 40 a day for 40 years) and cut down on my saturated fat. I've taken my medications without fail ever since, have an annual review at my GP's surgery and it's a case of "so far, so good". It hasn't really affected my life in any negative way except that it's hard to get travel insurance.

    I sincerely hope that you are as lucky as I've been.

  • HI Elja,

    Thanks for getting in touch and for your kind and informative post. Sorry about your TIA's, but am so relieved and delighted that you recovered from them without any further incidences. Thankfully I have never smoked, my cholesterol and BP are okay, so I think whatever happened is minor indeed. I know what you mean when you say TIA sounds a tad dramatic, and I actually feel uncomfortable saying it, although that is the medical term for it. However when I type TIA it makes me think of Tia Maria rather than a TIA which is much more pleasant. lol

    Did you ever contact a stroke association? I haven't as I have no need to, and hope I do not, but I was thinking they may be able to advise you on travel insurance.

    I am so delighted to read your post which has uplifted me, because at times, ( although not often at all) when you are on your own, you tend to worry a bit more at night time, but I am getting alarms fitted anyway, for another condition so will cover this as well, should anything happen in that direction.

    You take good care, and all the best, and hope you continue to be TIA free!! Yeah!! :)

    lots of love and hugs,

    Huggs xxxx

  • Thanks for your kind reply, Huggs. Judging by the fact that your cholesterol and BP are OK and that you've never smoked, it appears that you've abused your body a lot less than I've abused mine!! I hope all goes well.

    Re the travel insurance - thanks for the suggestion. In fact, Age UK (unlike anywhere else I tried) insured me for a reasonable amount but, since my last trip abroad 4 years ago, several other parts of my body have stopped working properly (or at all) or have been binned. I think Age UK's computer would laugh at me if I tried to get insurance now!

    All the best.

  • hey Huggs, At least, you have the strength to write! It's lovely having you back here. do as you are told by doctor and also ask if you can do gentle exercises, at least at home. I m really happy that you are better. keep warm, keep lovely!

  • Hi Micahel,

    Its good to hear from you, and hope you got over your infection alright. When I was having the odd gander around, I was so pleased that you and Jimmy were in touch and you were giving him loads of good advice. You seem to be doing really well on your course, and you will be pleased to know that I got an opportunity to wear my snowy penguin winter woolly. To the hospital on the mainland, only I felt a bit stupid when I arrived there as it wasn't snowing there, only here. lol They had a good laugh anyway.

    I am doing breathing exercises, as well as walking around as much as I can. That for the moment is my limit I am afraid due to other problems. I am keeping all parts moving and am on aspirin to thin my blood meantime.

    Would you like me to send some of our lovely storms down your way? Then you can wear your storm trousers, as it would be a shame not to get a wear out of them. lol :)

    I keep losing internet connection, so will stop now and try and send this.

    hugs from Huggs and love too xxxx

  • Dear Huggs,

    I’m on my 3rd week of AB, only 3 days to swallow these. I feel good actually, but watch the sputum.

    I made myself a present of a flute. I am so yearning to receive it! I ordered it on 27th Nov They said 3 to 5 days! After 5 days I was dying to know what was happening to it! I phoned the shop. They told me that such instruments come from Japan, a long way. They have my flute in stock, but it’s been sent to the workshop to test every bit of it, so it can reach me in excellent conditions. I’ve received a note from UPS that they are delivering it on Monday, tomorrow, by the end of the day! Ooooh! What a wait!

    I’ve watched tons of YouTube videos on how to make a sound on it, I’ve practised blowing little bits of paper from my hand placed under my chin. I watched myself pouting in front of the mirror to adopt the right sort of lip shape. I even know now how to assemble the 3 parts, head, body and foot! I really feel I could try on the real thing now.

    I’m dreaming … not of a white Christmas. I hope it’s good for you. Ten foot of snow, is it? Next exercise; take a shovel to dig the snow out of the pathway. I’ve done that. People passing by wondered why I was so red and puffed out and why I was leaning on the shovel head! Can’t do this nowadays. I did enquire from the council if they would grit my path. They would for a £100. What? for 30 or 40 yards? Come on! It’s not Christmas yet!

    Cheers, and have it good. Mic’s the name. 3 letter word

  • Hi Mic ( three lettered word) ,

    Sorry I just noticed I misspelt Michael in my last post. The storm was worsening, the lights were flickering, the wind was howling, the hailstones were rattling against my window, and I kept getting security messages on my screen and I was only partially connected, the internet I mean lol, although what you were all probably thinking is possibly correct too. :d

    You have never objected to Michael before, its such a lovely name too, but Mic it is.

    So you have ordered yourself a flute, and teaching yourself to play it from you tube? Wow, that is impressive. You must be very musically capable to do that. I would love to be musical, but alas the opposite, although I do love it. In fact, when you are proficient with the flute I may have a request for you to play something on it, which I imagine would be up your street. hmmmm wonder what that could be.?

    Keep well Mic, and alas no, we will not get 10 feet of snow, but I do like a white Christmas, and this year I have a deal with God, to get one!!.

    hugs from Huggs xxx

    ps Enjoy the flute when it arrives, and you have painted a lovely picture of you pouting in your mirror. you could take a selfie and post it if you like. :)

  • lack of connection? I bet the satellite had fallen nearby in the ocean; and satellites being electronic devices d, don't like water in their innard!

    I'll try to get a celebrity photo when I get the flute! Autograph? Mic (for this website!) cheers to you,


  • Pleased your back.......steady does it.... Take your time, and in no time you will be. ' up and at it '.


  • Hi budgiesmom,

    Thanks a lot for the welcome back and your good wishes too. I am taking my time, but am fine really apart from the exhaustion after doing a step or two, or even typing. lol

    Another storm has sprung up here, so keep losing connection to the internet. so keeping this short so you can get it okay.

    You take care too, and keep warm and cosy.

    lots of love and hugs,

    Huggs xxxx

  • Hey huggs, must have missed your post - so glad you are ok and back home, but concerned in case you overdo it. Being cussed is useful but not if it tires you out! Hope the storm doesn't do your connection in, we love hearing from you but i echo the warnings to take it easy. Look after yourself, love to you, O2 :)

  • Hi O2,

    Thank you for the welcome back, and I will be in touch soon. I will not be overdoing it, as I have had a slight fright, so will heed all the warnings. I have only just got back online after having been cut off for around two hours. There is suppose to be worsening weather on Tuesday, and especially Wednesday and Thursday, but I am all prepared in the event of power cuts etc.

    Fleecy pj's are now on, and taking it easy. Wow, I know how to live it up! ha ha.

    You take good care too,

    love and hugs,

    Huggs xxx :)

  • Having lived such a clean and healthy life all I can think Huggs is that someone gave you a too long [hug] thus momentarily causing the tiniest of clots and thus the mini TIA. Still needs getting over though. So rest, don't stress and take the heart/blood pills so that you can resume a full on [[[hugging]]] future. Rib

  • Hi Rib,

    Ha ha ha. That could be right you know. I will put your theory to the consultant, as I am sure he will be interested in that. lol

    Actually Rib, my reaction to any new diagnosis is initial diagnosis is indignation, because I have never smoked, cholesterol is ok, and years ago kept very fit with hiking, rock climbing, hill climbing, playing badminton and a few more things. However, such is life, what happens is what happens, and we just have to make the best of things. I am grateful now, for having a small TIa as it is a warning, so hopefully will prevent a worsening of things.

    You take care now,

    hugs from Huggs xxxxx :)

  • Like me. Super - fit , highly active, climber, long distance runner, swimmer and played rugby. Then my job was even more physical than that lot. Never smoked, didn't drink much. Only swore when there was a D in the day. My cholesterol has never been over 4. Never been a couple of pounds over weight.

    All very good but then life happened. I just think on how very much less life I would have had if I had not been so incredibly fit.


  • Hi Huggs pleased your back with us lets hope 2015 will be a better year for us all take care

  • Hi onamission,

    I will second that, as I am sure many of the others will too. Thanks for the welcome, and you take care of yourself too. :)

    hugs from Huggs xxxx

  • Glad to hear your ok huggs. xx

  • Hi casper,

    Thanks very much for that, and I hope you are doing okay too.

    take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • ive had a few missing days huggs ,been a wee bitty under the weather, but ok now,,, but so glad to see you back,,, [nearly said your back :D ] you know i'm only joking huggs :) great advice all above,, we've all missed you, concentrate on getting better please, and don't do anything i do :D ,,, keep well now huggs jimmy xxxxxx

  • Hi Jimmy,

    I know you have been under the weather, but get help next time, please Jimmy? Okay ?

    You keep nice and warm, and press that alarm if you need to, but I do understand you not doing so, but don't risk it again. :) We don't want you to be more unwell, than you already are.

    Worse weather is about to hit us soon, so make sure you take good care. :D :)

    hugs from Huggs xxxx

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