Drying clothes indoors dangerous

Professor at Wytnenshaw hospital warns of danger to Asthma sufferers re mould sporesn particular Aspergillus which can prove fatal . Manchestereveningnews/greater_Manchester_news/drying_washing_indoors_dangerous_asthma_8193304.My granddaughter has posted this on Facebook,sorry don't know how to copy it to post. Will be happy to type it all out if you can't find it. joyce

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  • ...and I remember someone on here asking if humidifiers were a good idea, I think they were told no for the same reason

  • Hi Joyce the easy way to copy and paste. Hover your mouse at the end of the bit you want to post. Left click then drag your curser over the piece to highlight it. It will turn blue. Then press ctrl and c together on your keyboard. Go to the place you want to put it then press ctrl and v together.

    Any problems let me know. x

  • I use a dehumidifier when drying clothes indoors.

  • I always thought hanging a wet towel in the room with the radiators helped people with COPD and stopped the dry air,is this different for people with Asthma? I don't hang on a heated dryer or radiator,just a normal airer.

  • "Helloooo... I always this time of year have to dry my cloth indoors, and even worse still in my bedroom as that's the only room I have a radiator....(council tenant)...Sshhh.... But being in stage 4 with my COPD I found the damp did, and was affecting my breathing but I also was wondering was this way of drying my cloths contributing to all my chest infections these past few months. and leaving me constantly on antibiotics and steroids. so I invested in a reasonably cheap but very effective Dehumidifier from Amazon. and it is an amazing piece of machinery it removes all moister out of my room while the washing is drying. so just thought I would pass on this information plus the link to the said item for you to take a look...Best of luck...Megan"


  • Thanks Megan I have been putting clothes maiden in living room in the evenings but will now put in dining room with dehumidifier on when not in use. Cheers. Joyce

  • Yet a couple of years ago I read that it was bad for people with COPD to dry clothes outside!! Due to spores attaching to clothes. So how should we dry our clothes?! Shouldn't use drier due to cost and environment....

    Guess we can't win!!

  • Well I will have to dry clothes indoors as I have no other place to dry them! And I think putting on wet clothes would hurt my health more :O x

  • Unless we invest in expensive electric guzzling dryers we don't have any choice do we. Did think it was worth mentioning though and it shows people strive to keep us healthier. Sleep well x Joyce

  • It was a good post Joyce and thank you for putting it up. I am not going to bed yet but if you are sweet dreams my love. x

  • I've just had Aspergillus grown from a sample they took from my lungs 6 weeks ago. These spores are everywhere all the time apparently (been a steep learning curve since Friday!). The problem is with our immune systems. If they are compromised then the spores can find a home in our lungs.

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